Points Consulting for your Business

Do you own a small or medium sized business?  Do you know that you are probably leaving tens or hundreds of thousands of points on the table each year?

Hire me to do a complete overhaul of your credit card spending strategy that includes:

  • A phone / video chat / in-person consultation to understand your business and your ultimate goals (i.e. would you rather get more points or would a specific strategy be right for you based on how you would like to spend the points?)
  • A complete analysis of your business’ last year’s credit card spending to see where you have left money on the table.
  • Recommendations on what cards you should have and what expenses should go on which cards to maximize your rewards.
  • I will walk you through “step by step” how to enact this strategy.

Best of all, I *guarantee* that your first year of additional savings and rewards exceeds the cost of my consultation – or I will reduce the bill to your first year of savings and rewards.

In short, you can’t lose. Within one year you will be “ROI-positive” for the cost of this consultation and you will be profiting off the strategy for unlimited years to come.

Contact me today using the form below to get started.