Marriott, Starwood

Marriott and Starwood announce 2017 Category changes – act now

Each year both Marriott and SPG readjust their category levels. They use pretty complex formulas but it comes down mostly to the average daily rate (in US dollars). So both occupancy levels and seasonality can have a big impact. So can the exchange rate for non-US hotels.

Here is the Marriott list of changes.  60% are category increases, 40% are decreases.

And here is the SPG list of changes.

March 7th is the date they kick in but make any adjustments by the 6th to be safe.

If you have any existing award reservations, check to see if the category went down. If so, wait until the 7th and then rebook at the lower rate.

If it is going up, leave everything alone and enjoy the bargain.

If you are THINKING about a reservation for the 7th of March or later in a property that is increasing, book it now (just make sure to check the cancelation policy). Better to book now just in case than be stuck paying more later.