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I didn’t until today.

A few months ago, Capital One overhauled their Spark Miles Business credit card and their Spark Miles Select Business credit card to earn 5X on Hotels and Car Rentals (which applies only when you book via Capital One’s own travel service).

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On the Capital One Venture, though, the “big deal” has been the 10x miles on hotels.com (it earns 2X Capital One miles on everything else).

We didn’t know until very recently that the 10X miles on the Capital One Venture wouldn’t be extended past January 2020, though I had my suspicions due to the promoted end date.

Earn 5X Capital One Miles on hotels and car rentals with the Capital One Venture

I then thought – surely they will start to offer the same 5X on hotels and car rentals booked via the Capital One travel portal starting Feb 1.

So I reached out to a contact at Capital One who advised me… the Capital One Venture *already* earns 5X on hotels and car rentals when booked in the portal.

I of course believed her, but I was confused. I Googled and could find just one lone CNBC post mentioning it. Even the Capital One landing page for Venture doesn’t mention the benefit.


It’s in the Terms and Conditions…

But tucked away in the Terms and Conditions you agree to on the application page (i.e. click through here and then to the application and then click on Rates and Disclosures), you will see this:

How do I earn my rewards for purchases made through Capital One Travel?
You will earn 5 miles per dollar for purchases (hotel and car rental only) made through Capital One Travel using this Rewards card account. Earnings will apply to net purchases (purchases minus any credits or returns) only. Purchases made outside of Capital One Travel, such as hotel incidentals, upgrades or other expenses, will not earn 5 miles per dollar, but will receive the standard purchase earn rate.
So there you have it. Not only will the 5X on hotels and car rentals exist on feb 1st…. It already exists today. It’s just not yet been widely promoted (presumably not to compete with the hotels.com benefit before it sunsets on January 31st.
The same thing applies to the no fee Capital One VentureOne card (which only earns 1.25 miles per dollar on everything else).

Loyalty Benefits on Prepaid Hotel Bookings

Remember: these will be prepaid bookings so hotels booked via this portal won’t earn hotel loyalty points and they won’t earn loyalty benefits. But if you aren’t brand loyal and/or are staying in a non-chain hotel, I don’t think there is a better deal than this.
There is also an early spend bonus offer on the Capital One Venture for 50,000 bonus points when you spend $3,000 in 3 months.
Note that for car rentals, I’m still partial to using a Chase Sapphire Reserve or Chase Sapphire Preferred for the primary rental car damage waiver.

Did you already know that the Capital One Venture card earns 5X on hotels and car rentals?

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  1. @sudo: If you booked via the Capital One Travel Center as described in the post, I’m pretty sure your charge would say something other than Avis.com – which implies you paid at Avis.com. Am I missing something?


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