An angle: New Chase Marriott 100k offer live; old card still live

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As Doctor of Credit has broken the news on, the new Chase Marriott Premier Plus card is live and offering 100,000 bonus Marriott points (or think of it as 33,333 SPG Starpoints) for $5k in minimum spend in 3 months.  It has an annual fee of $95, not currently waived the first year. 

As of this posting, it’s not available in the affiliate channel but here is a direct link.

The offer to upgrade your existing card should be at this link though on my gf’s new card (min spend not yet met), no offer is showing up yet.

We have already discussed the new card in the master Marriott / SPG merger thread, so let’s just look at an angle that exists as of this post, wherein perhaps you can get essentially the new card offer without paying the $95 fee the first year.

  1. The existing Marriott card is still available with a Welcome Offer of 75,000 bonus points, fee waived for the first year, with $3,000 in spend in 3 months. When I clicked the link in the card offers at the top of MilesTalk, it took me to a generic page but I navigated back to the card offer and it worked – for the old offer.
  2. We have heard that Chase will be offering upgrades of 10,000-30,000 points (more?) to existing cardholders (i.e. the old card you can still get). So far, most people seem to be seeing 10,000-20,000 point offers. I’m watching this because higher offers would mean getting more total points than signing up for the new offer. If it tops out at 20,000, then it won’t top it.
  3. This means that until the old card link dies, you can get 75,000 bonus points with $0 first year fee PLUS 10,000-50,000 bonus points when you upgrade without paying the annual fee at account opening.  *Updated: we know that if your annual fee is waived year one, they can’t increase it, so that isn’t an issue. But will Chase offer the upgrades to brand new accounts? Or will they wait a while? Data points?  Also, people on /churning report the upgrade offer includes a $95 credit to make up for the first year’s fee. I’m wondering if this means a net $95 profit given the fee waiver on the current card??

I’m not sure it’s worth the effort to save the $95, but it may be for some now that the new card is live and we know it doesn’t waive the annual fee.

If somebody confirms having a new card and being offered the card, then we know better if the arbitrage is really there.

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