Status Match Merry Go Round

This is taking things a bit too far, in my opinion.

Last Week’s T&C Changes for Caesars <–> Wyndham

Last week, we reported on new language in the Caesars status match terms and conditions.

The core of the update was that Caesars’ new language specifically prohibits someone that matched into Wyndham or matched back from Caesars from getting a new match. It says:

Please Note: You must have earned Tier Status with your current loyalty program in order for your status to be matched.  Caesars Rewards will not grant status to WR members who came into the WR program from a tier match promotion with other programs or who previously had recent Caesars Rewards status that was about to expire, and vice versa.

Now, the backdrop here is these terms were only inserted sometime in the last couple of weeks. Prior to that, many members were still waiting on matches submitted well before the new language was inserted (and the match is only “supposed” to take up to 7 business days. Some of those waiting have been matched in the meantime, but others are still waiting.

Caesars Is Now Downgrading Members

Look, I think we all knew the MilesTalk Status Merry Go Round couldn’t last forever. Since I first wrote about this several years ago, it’s been covered by every major travel blog and it’s not uncommon to find someone else at the Player’s Club matching when you are!

However, it’s one thing to end the practice going forward and something entirely different to change the rules retroactively.

Yet, that is what Caesars is doing.

You see, MilesTalkers that were already upgraded to Diamond are now finding themselves… back at Gold!

At first I thought this was an anomaly, so I polled the MilesTalk Facebook group.

caesars status match downgrades

As you can see, out of around 100 respondents, 19 never got their match completed and 23 people were upgraded and now find themselves downgraded.

UPDATE: Caesars is now actually sending out emails with the Subject Line: We Upgraded You By Mistake!

So, they added in a new program term and are retroactively downgrading people based on that. CONFIRMED!

Wyndham Business Earner Credit Card

As I added to last week’s post on the new Caesars matching language, Katie Genter at TPG got an official statement confirming that a Wyndham Business Earner credit card counts as “earned” status and is eligible for the match. We had one person in the poll state that they were downgraded with the credit card, but later it turned out that they simply hadn’t received the match yet (and they got it today). So I don’t have any reports of those with the credit card being downgraded (please comment below if this is you, however!) including myself.

The Caesars rep told Katie: “Any customer who earned Wyndham Rewards status at Wyndham, including status and Wyndham credit card, can tier match to Caesars Rewards.”

Will that include the $100 Celebration dinner going forward? We don’t yet know…

Dirty Pool

Yes, I get the rationale Caesars is probably using…. that a majority of us are not profitable. And that’s a fine reason to add the new language.

But retroactively removing status that was properly matched according to the terms at the time is just poor form. I hope they will reconsider this action, enforce the new rule going forward, and call it a day. That would be the right thing do to.

PS: Many matched members have gotten their $100 celebration dinner while many do not have it in their accounts. Some say they had it after earning 100 Tier Credits. Some say they don’t have it even then. I will say that after seeing the $100 Caesars Celebration Dinner appear online a few weeks ago, it no longer shows in my account, but I won’t be able to test it for several months personally.


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  1. So can I status match to Caesars diamond if I a new card holder of the Wyndham Business Earner card? I never been a Caesar member and I would like to sign up for Wyndham Business credit card so I can do a status match.

      • Thank you. I have been approved for Wyndham Business credit card. I see that they have open a Wyndham account as a “Blue” member. Hopefully when I get the credit card in they’ll upgrade me to “Diamond” member. I’ll follow up to see if Caesars will match me.

      • Folluow up: I got Caesars diamond status. First got Wyndham Diamond status after 3 business days from initial CC app. Then submitted match to Caesars and got reply after 10 business days. Now I’ll be rocking and rolling when I hit Vegas!

  2. I was upgraded to diamond and then downgraded to gold despite having a 10 day trip booked for July at Caesars palace. I had trips booked in 2020 and 2021 that were cancelled as borders remained closed and I couldn’t travel to the USA. Seems really unfair as Wyndham extended my diamond status and Caesars didn’t.

  3. i have the business card am still diamond, however my $100 dinner was not given. i went to the hotel and they said, thdy dont see it and nothing they can do and they would email corporate office but would be 3-5 days if they fix it? anyone else that is stil diamond and didnt get the $100 dinner

  4. I tried matching to my Wyndham Business Earners card. After a week it wasn’t there so I tried matching my Turning Stone Onyx (which I got from the Caesars Diamond match) and was matched to Diamond within 24 hours. On the Caesars website next to my card it reads “Enjoy even more benefits with your Diamond status. No resort fees on any hotel stay, a $100 Celebration Dinner, as well as access to Laurel Lounges and priority lines at hotel check-in, restaurants and casino cages.” I went to Vegas last October and used two $100 Celebration Dinner credits. Went to Gordon Ramsey’s Steakhouse and had a terrible meal.

  5. Are there any data points for, or if you are aware if:

    I used CR to match WR in January 2022. I then used WR to match CR in February 2022. I am currently Wyndham Diamond via match and my CR was downgraded. I am willing to sign up for the Wyndham credit card- but if I match to Caesar’s again, would Caesar’s consider that an “earned” status with WR vis credit card, or they’ll see it as the same thing of why I was downgraded already? Any help? Thanks.

    • I got approved for the business credit card 2 days ago and I already have Wyndham Diamond through my Marriott Gold. I am going to try to see if it will work and will let you know the outcome if no one else has responded.

  6. Making the change retroactive is certainly unfair and unethical, I wonder if this meets the Gaming Commission rules and regulations?

  7. I’ve gotten status via Wyndham status match and from Founders Card membership. Any idea if they will continue the Founders Card Diamond Status? I can’t say I travel enough to justify the $295 fee for FC just to make Diamond Status, I’ve seen others who’ve had a /$99 offer from FC and I would do that but not the $295 unless I had several trips to Caesars planned. It is definitely worth it to skip lines, use Diamond lounges and get the offers in the email/mail for free/discounted flights/trips. They’ve been sending me offers to fly to Laughlin, Atlantic City & Biloxi. I’ve also been Diamond in the past just from playing a lot and earning the 15,000 points each (husband and me both) and they’re really good about those flight offers. They used to fly us to Tahoe every year, 5 night, rt charter flight, transportation, etc. so it can have its perks if you gamble very much at all.

  8. Caesars is really bitching this year.
    They cut off a lot of diamond benefit after pandemic. Diamond is not even that value anymore on service.
    Especially this year. They cut off 5x hotel stay for tier credit. and also cut of the late check out from 2pm to 1pm now.
    It is better jumping out Caesars to others now.

  9. They cut off a lot of diamond benefit after pandemic. Diamond is not even that value anymore on service.
    Especially this year. They cut off 5x hotel stay for tier credit. and also cut of the late check out from 2pm to 1pm now.
    It is better jumping out Caesars to others now.


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