Spark Cash Plus

Hey Big Spender!

Those that spend a lot on their business credit cards will be excited for this new offer on the Capital One Spark Cash Plus card.

If you missed the launch of this new charge card product, you can read this review of the Spark Cash Plus. We also know that the Spark Cash Plus does not report to your personal credit unlike older Capital One Spark cards.

Spark Cash Plus Card
Spark Cash Plus

With this new offer, the bonus is being tripled from yesterday’s offer.

Now, and until March 14, 2022, the bonus looks like this:

Earn up to up to $3,000: $500 once you spend $5,000 in the first three months, and an additional $2,500 once you spend $50,000 in the first six months

Until today, that second bonus component was just an extra $500.

Since you can transfer your Spark Cash “cash” into miles if you have a Capital One Venture, Venture X, or Spark Miles card, this is actually your choice of $3,000 in cash or 300,000 miles. You can see Capital One transfer partners here.

You’d also still earn $1,000 (or 100,000 miles if you have one of the above cards to transfer to) from the $50,000 in required spend, making this actually a $4,000 (or 400,000 miles) offer.

Even if you just take the cash, that’s an 8% return on your spend of $50,000.

For those that spend this kind of money easily, it’s a very, very solid offer.

You can learn how to apply here (this link supports MilesTalk).

Capital One Venture X
Capital One Venture X: Earn 75,000 bonus miles when you spend $4,000 within your first 3 months. Get This Offer


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  1. I am new to Capital One so if I understand this correctly; I can apply for this card and in 6 months apply for the Venture/ the Venture X and if approved then I will have the ability to transfer my cash into miles?

    What if P2 gets the venture X, can I transfer my cash to his miles? I think you can transfer miles to someone else but my guess is that this doesn’t work with cash back?

  2. So even though this is a biz card and the VentureX is a personal card, there’s no problem transferring cash into miles between the two?

    Assuming that’s the case, it seems like it’s worth putting the Ink card in the sock drawer for 6 months or so and leveling up with the Spark Cash+.


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