Courtesy: Cathay Pacific

Sponsored by the Hong Kong government to spur tourism to get back up from currently low levels due to COVID, Wednesday will be your chance to get a free ticket to Hong Kong from the US.

You’ll need to already (in advance) have a Cathay Pacific Asia Miles account. Assuming you create one today, you’ll get an email on Wednesday with more details.

What we do know is that on Wednesday, May 17th, at 8pm ET, is when the games begin. There are 2,890 economy tickets available in total, sold first come, first serve, and you can buy only one per person. (Only economy tickets are being sold as part of this promotion).

The ticket can originate at JFK, BOS, SFO, or LAX.

Best I can tell, at exactly 8pm ET you will be able to login to a special promotion website where you’ll get a redemption code to cover the base fare and then you need to complete the transaction in time. Sounds a bit like supermarket sweep!

Interestingly, the promotion terms do state that the ticket is eligible for an upgrade using miles!

However, assuming your flight has a Premium Economy section, you would only be able to upgrade (using Asia Miles, of course) to Premium Economy.

If there is no Premium Economy section, you would be able to upgrade to Business. Keep in mind that just because the terms seem to indicate the fare rules allow mileage upgrades doesn’t mean there will be an eligible seat to upgrade to.

You’ll have to stay in Hong Kong at least two days and less than one month. 

The 24 hour cancelation rule will apply if you have buyer’s remorse, so long as the flight you’ve purchased is more than 7 days in the future.

Who’s in?


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