Get outraged: The House is voting to repeal the law that makes airlines disclose the total fare

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I’m outraged. I’m outraged because this bill exists and outraged that this isn’t getting more press. We can all only hope it doesn’t pass. It would still have to pass the Senate.

USA Today reported today that Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa hates you (you the American people) so much that he wants to say a big F-U to all hard working Americans and repeal the 2012 law enacted that finally made airlines disclose your total all-in fare inclusive of taxes and BS fees like fuel surcharges – so it’s easier for the airlines to get one over on you.

In short, before 2012, you would see fares like this:


*Plus $486 in taxes and fees.

Since 2012’s bill passage, you now would see this:


Which would you rather see?  $89 in massive font and then small print with fees? Or one all-in price?

Asked another way, why in the WORLD would someone have the gall to pass a bill to make it HARDER for consumers to get a fair shake?

I mean, could you imagine if the House tried to improve the nation’s healthcare by having tens of millions of Americans lose healthcare, add no improvements, and call it a better healthcare bill?  Oh, wait….

I’d encourage you to go to Rep. Shuster’s page here and contact him with your thoughts. 

I’d also like to hear what you think in the comments below or on the Facebook group.

Lastly, if you have friends that like to see actual all-in prices when they book airfare, please share this post with them.