TSA Keeps Mask Requirement for Now
TSA Keeps Mask Requirement for Now
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Today, the CDC released new guidance that Americans who are fully vaccinated can feel safe removing their masks indoors now as local guidance allows (meaning that local municipalities still need to eliminate any mandates, but clearly that will happen quickly in most areas).

One outstanding question was around planes and other public transit.

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As of now, however, the CDC and TSA say that masks will remain required on planes, trains, and busses through September 13, 2021.

Of course, just like the CDC changed course a mere 16 days after the last guidance, this could also change sooner.

I think that the challenge the CDC / TSA sees with public transport is the number of potentially unvaccinated people together in a small and enclosed space for an extended period of time. In this case, the risk is almost exclusively that of the unvaccinated, but short of an officially recognized and enforced vaccine passport system (which won’t happen at a Federal level).

If you have a number of unvaccinated travelers on a plane, despite good air circulation, you could easily see an infection cluster if they are sitting very close to each other. At a certain point though, I think that if the CDC is saying that vaccinated travelers are safe and vaccines are available to all, it’s time to remove the mandate. Those that choose not to be vaccinated can do what they want and take that risk themselves (or wear a mask). That’s just personal responsibility.

Meanwhile, I’ll focus on the good news: Masks are on the way out and a return to normal is quickly coming… huzzah for that!


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  1. Dumbest move the CDC has made yet. They just cant seem to get it right. Too soon, and too far. The people who don’t believe in COVID are exactly the ones who have been going maskless all along whenever they could. They won’t get vaccinated and they will now never wear a mask again. Whether you are in a restaurant or bar or airplane (once that restriction is lifted), you will be surrounded by unvaccinated maskless people. You really think someone who doesn’t believe in science or the CDC will willingly wear a mask to protect others now because he or she is unvaccinated? This will be a mess.

    • You’re obviously the one who doesn’t believe in science. How do you say you believe in science and not believe that vaccines will protect you? If you’re vaccinated, you don’t need to worry about other people’s vaccination status, since they are no significant threat to you…that is, if you believe in science, which you don’t. No, you just believe in virtue signaling and self righteousness. The people who wear masks outside in the park, or driving alone in their car, or still fretting about covid after they are fully vaccinated, are the anti science ones.

  2. The assumption and advice is that if all unvaccinated people wear masks (which they won’t, which is obvious from WR2’s typical selfish and deluded outlook) and all vaccinated people don’t, we will all be safe. This is exactly what will not happen because of the people like WR2 who don’t give a s–t about anyone else. The virus and its mutations will continue to spread, though more slowly because of exactly this dishonesty and selfishness. It’s a losing battle. These people are just not rational.


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