Status Match Merry Go Round
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Regular followers of the Status Match Merry Go Round have been frustrated since about March 2020 that the “on ramp” to the merry go round (Wyndham Rewards matched) has been paused.

The Match to Mlife Requires Travel to New Jersey or Massachusetts – Usually

However, in the meantime, another pain point of the Merry Go Round, especially for those that already have Caesars Rewards Diamond status via Wyndham (or even via Founders Card) is that you need to match to MGM MLife in person at the Borgata in Atlantic City or at the MGM Springfield in Massachusetts.

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That’s certainly inconvenient for anyone on the West Coast, and it’s a bummer since the MGM Mlife status match can be electronically matched to Hyatt Explorist status. And then those can be matched back and forth each year at expiration.

If you are getting lost, please have a read of the Status Match Merry Go Round master article and then come back.

You Can Now Match at ANY MGM Casino in the US

However, now through January 31st 2022, you seem to be able to match at any MGM Mlife Rewards booth in the entire country under an all-Mlife promotion. That includes Las Vegas and even the Empire Casino in Yonkers, NY.

That promotion, detailed here, explains what every casino in the country – and Canada – will match to based on your status there.

If you are Caesars Diamond or Diamond Plus, you can expect a match to MLife Gold. Diamond Elite and Seven Stars get Mlife Platinum. The match includes just about any casino, though. Match from Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Heck, you can even match from Rivers Casino in Schenectady, NY, which I didn’t even know existed (yet, oddly, Turning Stone in NY, a Caesars partner, isn’t listed).

While this opens up a slew of locations to match, I should mention that if you CAN match for the first time at Borgata, you’ll also get free match play and a free “anytime” hotel night there. So, it remains the best option if you can get there.

If not, match in Vegas or match wherever you have an MGM Mlife casino. Just match by the end of the year…

Once you have Mlife, you can match to Hyatt Explorist

Just hit the OPT IN button here. Note, if that doesn’t work, try going to this page on the MGM Website and logging in. Look for the OPT-IN button on that page.

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Will You Match to Mlife Gold or Platinum?

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  1. As someone who gambles pretty heavily with Caesars and earns Diamond Plus or Diamond Elite (25,000 or 75,000 tier credits) yearly I HATE the match from the Wyndham cord which cheapens the overall brand and from the founders card which is a scam not good for much else. Hopefully Caesars under the new Eldorado management team ends these matches and gets back to focusing on those of us that actually gamble! If you don’t know there will be significant changes coming based on the Eldorado view that Caesars was too generous with their program. I fully expect the matches to go away, there to be a $10 RC charge to enter Laurel Lounges (even for Diamond and Seven Star members) like there are at most former Eldorado properties and that all members will be charged resort fees which would only be taken off by a casino host based on your play that stay (similar to MLife).

    It has been way to full of fluff recently especially for non-gamblers so please people go away and let those of us that actually like to gamble and that give the casino some action benefit.

    • Are there really enough people that status match from Wyndham to affect your status at all? I understand you not liking that you got status organically and they “hack” their way there, but I can’t imagine the number of people who know how to do that would really affect any real life benefit. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m genuinely curious.

  2. I wouldn’t call it quite “wide open” — none of their MGMs are in the western half of the country still. They only have 6 locations total too

  3. Went to the MGM Northfield Park Racino here in Cleveland today…presented my ID and both my MLife and Caesars cards and within minutes I was MLife Gold! Came home and went straight to the MLife status match page (with Hyatt) and within minutes I was a World of Hyatt Explorist!

    Thanks again for this great tip…not having to go all the way to Borgata in Atlantic City…priceless!!!

  4. How are the Bogota, Ilani, Mohegan Sun Momentum affiliated with Mlife? I live in WA state and when I asked if the Ilani casino can match my Caesar Rewards to Mlife, I get a blank look. What am I missing?

    • @Golfwacker: They are not affiliated with Mlife at all. None of the ones you mentioned are Mlife. You can use them to match AT an MGM property. You asked one property not affiliated with Mlife to match you to another property not affiliated with them, so, I’d say the blank stare was warranted 😉

  5. They’ve got a list of 26 states where they say what they will match – will they match in states outside of those? Is it related to those are states where competetor casinos are?

  6. If you are already M life status gold (expiring 12.31.20) can you still go into one of the casino’s to status match for the next year or would I need to wait?
    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hey @Phil. You’ll need to wait until you are downgraded and that won’t work out as the current match ends Dec 31st. However, as long as you have matched your account to Hyatt Explorist you’ll be able to rematch from that in January.


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