Credit Card Points (Chase/Amex/Citi)

Pay rent with a credit card FEE FREE again *today*

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For the last three months, we have partnered with Roomi to offer MilesTalk readers the opportunity to pay their rent with a credit card fee-free. Roomi mails the landlord a check and you earn miles for the rent amount.

This deal dies rather quickly each month – especially now that it has caught on in the blogosphere and gets shared SUPER quickly around the Interwebs.

The offer is back today.

But we are doing things a bit differently. 

There will be a public link and a MilesTalk link.  The public link…. good luck getting in on that! 50 fee-free uses for the whole world.

The MilesTalk link will be going live today in the next couple of hours.  I will ONLY be sharing the MilesTalk link on the private MilesTalk Facebook Group. Nowhere else.  

Update: all free payments have been used for March  – 2% now at

Fee structure:

It begins at 0% for the first 50 users

Then 2% for 150 users, then 2.5% for 100 users, and then 3% until it officially closes on the 22nd of the month

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And now, if you are a newcomer to this, here are the details:

Use the link provided to submit your landlord’s payment info. I did this myself last month and the charge on my American Express coded as “Merchandise and Supplies – Computer Supplies.” Apparently, that is NOT coding on the Amex BRG as 3x for computer supplies, though –  I guess because Roomi isn’t a recognized vendor for it.

I put the charge on my American Express Blue Business Plus card to earn 2x Membership Rewards points.

After I submitted my payment, I got a confirmation email: Thanks again for using RoomiPay! We wanted to confirm that your submission was received and your payment was accepted. You will receive another e-mail once your payment has been deposited by your landlord.  And I did get that confirmation about 9 days later.

Please note: There have been reports of a few finicky landlords not liking a check from a third party. It’s *usually* fine, but be aware they could possibly reject it.

This is a fantastic way to meet minimum spend on a new credit card, so it’s a great time for a new one (or two!).  I’ve already done this on two cards now.

Maybe you also want to think about a new credit card to use on this for next month…. Here are some current Sign-Up Bonuses.

Will you try this to earn points or miles for paying your rent? Let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private MilesTalk Facebook group.

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