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The Citi 1/24 Rule Explained

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The Chase 5/24 rule gets all the chatter, but Citi has a number of great card products that are affected by their own rule: Citi’s 1/24 rule.

I’ve seen a number of people online and over at the MilesTalk Facebook group get stuck on how this works with Citi, so I’ll explain.

With Citi, unlike Chase, they do not care about how many cards you have opened with other issuers in the last two years. They don’t even care how many Citi cards you have opened. But in determining bonus eligibility, here is what matters:

You may earn one bonus per product family from the last time you opened or closed a card in that same product family. Read that twice, because the “or closed” part can be confusing.  If you opened a card 2 years ago and want a new bonus, you must apply and be approved for that card with the new bonus *before* you close the old one. If you close it and then apply you will not be eligible for the bonus.

Personal and Business cards are separate. So if a card family has personal and business versions you can get each bonus every 24 months.

A product family refers to what you earn. All cards that earn AAdvantage miles (Citi Gold/Platinum/Executive) are one family. All cards that earn ThankYou points (Preferred/Premier/Prestige) are another card family.


On December 14, 2015 you received bonuses for both a Citi AAdvantage Platinum card and a Citi AAdvantage Business card. On December 15th, 2017 you can get each bonus again, provided you have not closed either of those cards from 2015. If you closed one, you’ll need to wait two years from when you closed that card to get a new bonus.  If you haven’t closed either, you may apply for a new card and then cancel the existing ones.

Currently, the bonus on each of those cards is 60,000 miles. You could earn both and then also apply for the Barclaycard AAdvantage products (current bonuses of 60,000 personal and 40,000 business) for a total of 220,000 AAdvantage miles for 4 new credit cards.

There’s really no reason not to get new bonuses every two years…

Any questions on how Citi’s 1/24 rule works?

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