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The Status Match Merry Go Round – What to Do In February

If you are a regular MilesTalk reader, you’ve no doubt followed the Status Match Merry Go Round. It’s important that, once you are on it, you don’t let the components expire.

In January, I reminded you to match your Caesars Diamond back to Wyndham Diamond.

I noted you needed to do this anytime in January, before you lost the Caesars status January 31st.

Wyndham Diamond –> Caesars Diamond

Now, its time to match your re-matched Wyndham Diamond back to Caesars Diamond. You can do this here. Just sign in to your Caesars account (likely now Gold level) and then input your Wyndham Diamond number.

caesars wyndham match

After you submit, you should be Caesars Diamond again within 7 days.

caesars wyndham match

This will re-qualify you for a fresh set of benefits including a new $100 Celebration dinner and another opportunity to stay at Atlantis.

Caesars Diamond Benefits:

While some people report better room offers at Caesars casino properties, that’s not a reliable benefit. Nor are upgrades. But what is reliable is this:

Free Parking at Caesars casinos/hotels

Skip the Line at most restaurants (I’ve saved hours on line with this perk)

A free four night stay at Atlantis (Also see:Free Atlantis Stay via Caesars Total Rewards Diamond: What To Expect with Room Fees, Food Costs, and More)

 A free $100 “Celebration Dinner” each year including status renewals

– Free monthly show tickets.

– Waived resort fees

– Diamond Lounge access (requires $10 in comps per person)

– Taxi Queue line cut

Did you do match back?

MilesTalk Facebook group members love to post pics of all their new shiny cards and I’d love for you to let me know how it went for you as well. You can let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private group.

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  1. Hi!

    Where can I see the $100 celebration dinner or free stay at atlantis? I status matched to caesars diamond 3 weeks ago and have not seen the rewards/offers to date.

    Thank you!

  2. @annie: there’s nothing that you ‘see’ anywhere. If you want the Atlantis stay, call the number I give in the Atlantis post. If you want the dinner just show up to any Caesars property and ask 🙂


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