Transfer Bonus: 25% from Capital One to Avianca

If you have a Credit Card That Earns Capital One Miles, you can transfer in the month of July with a 25% bonus.

Oddly, this means that 1,000 Capital One miles will earn you 938 Avianca miles. Perhaps they could have just made it an even 1:1? In any event, this is great for anyone currently booking a Star Alliance trip like Lufthansa First Class.

Here is a post I wrote on the best ways to use Avianca Lifemiles

Recent Avianca Lifemiles Promos

Avianca has been fairly aggressive lately with transfer bonuses, buy miles bonuses, and even bonuses to transfer miles from one account to another.

This tells me they want cash in a hurry for their coffers which also tells me Lifemiles should not be a place you have speculative miles sitting – at least not more than you can accept a potential devaluation of those miles.

HT: Doctor of Credit

Will you transfer?

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