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New Transfer Bonus Offer: Citi ThankYou to Turkish

If you subscribe to our free Transfer Bonus Notifications (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t when they are free and super easy to customize!), then you already got this news this morning – at 10:05am ET.

That’s because our alerts go out super quick after a new deal goes live and have all the pertinent info.

But since I get not all MilesTalk readers are subscribe (thousands are, though!) I wanted to also share this transfer bonus here as it’s a unique one.

Commentary Sidebar: 

This is the first transfer bonus I can ever remember to Turkish’s Miles&Smiles program and I’m quite sure it’s related to their recent devaluation that killed off most, but not all, of its sweet spots. I think they found so many people were transferring as word got around about what a great program it was – initially transferring only from Citi ThankYou but then expanding to both Capital One Miles and Bilt Rewards .

I believe they devalued to try and benefit at both ends and have found that they are suddenly selling FAR less miles than they used to.

This transfer bonus comes from the Turkish side (i.e. funded by Turkish) which adds to my belief in this.

End Sidebar

Details: Citi ThankYou to Turkish Miles&Smiles 50% Transfer Bonus

With this bonus, you’ll get 50% more Turkish miles when you transfer from Citi to Turkish by June 15th, 2024.

But there are some major conditions attached!

  • Miles&Smiles members can earn Extra Miles up to a maximum of 50,000 Miles. So don’t transfer more than 100,0000 Citi ThankYou points.
  • The Miles earned during the campaign will be credited after the campaign has ended. (So not until June 15th!!)
  • Turkish miles “hard expire” after 3 years, so speculative transfers are strongly not advised.

The best use of Turkish miles now are for flights within North America (including Hawaii) on United or Air Canada. Note that this requires “Saver” inventory. Economy tickets are 10,000 miles and Business Class tickets are 15,000 miles each way. You can also fly Business Class on Turkish for 65,000 miles from the US.  Ask any questions in the MilesTalk Facebook group.

However, it’s a pretty small total number of miles you can get the bonus on and, much worse, you probably won’t get them until June 15th. I really dislike when programs do this (I presume for technology reasons to batch things) because you can’t have any idea what availability will exist in a month.

So this really only works if you want to transfer enough for an award today and be happy to have some extra for later. But then given the 3 year hard expiration date, you may never get a chance to use them.

I guess either you have an award to book and this is gravy or you consistently use Turkish miles post devaluation and are happy to make a somewhat risky speculative transfer.

Offer details on the Turkish site are here.


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