What is MilesTalk?

My chance to give back. I got in the game in 2003 with a "mistake rate" in Bora Bora and since then I've collected literally millions and millions of frequent flyer miles and hotel points. I've flown around the world in first class seats that would cost $29,000 using frequent flyer miles and a few bucks in tax. And I've stayed in some of the finest hotels - all for free!  I've hosted two seminars on miles and points at South By Southwest in Austin, and have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, published on Bravo TV's JetSet site, and spoken on the Condé Nast Traveler podcast series.

A few years ago I realized many of my friends actually thought I was paying for my flights!! So I started sharing my tips. My favorite thing in the world is helping others have the experiences I do, so please follow along and help me help you. Don't forget to sign up for the free email newsletter on the right side of the page so you don't miss anything.

MilesTalk - Frequent Flyer Miles and Credit Card Points
Hyatt, News

Hyatt Award Sale (25% off)

Take 25% off Hyatt Award Nights! The sale is divided into two parts: 25% off the points part of cash and points rates at 8 hotels, through Oct 31, 2019. 25% rebated on all-points bookings rebated after the stay at…

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Marriott, News

Marriott Drops Next Wave of Bonvoy Changes

Marriott announced today that peak and off peak pricing will go into effect starting September 14th, among some other “interesting” changes. Below, the text in bolded italics is directly from Marriott with my comments in normal text below each part….

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