MilesTalk (The book!): Live Your Wildest Travel Dreams Using Miles and Points

The 2nd Edition is now available for purchase!

Updated and Republished August 2021

In the world of miles and points, there is a LOT to absorb when you are first getting started. My friends never understood how

I worked my magic to fly all around the world in First Class like you already know that I do. They would say… “You should write a book!”

So I did. 

MilesTalk: Live Your Wildest Travel Dreams Using Miles and Points is the foundation you need to get started in miles and points. I take you through everything from the history of miles, to the difference between transferable miles and points, through the different ways to earn miles and points (without even flying!), and, most importantly, how to find those coveted award seats.

This book is that beginner level “how to” book that bridges the gap between just getting started and really making miles and points work for you.

Note that if you click to buy this book on Amazon, you will receive the Second Edition published in August of 2021. The top of the Amazon page incorrectly states that it was published in 2018 – but that is referring to the first edition and they refuse to update this misleading text, so just ignore that. You’ll see August 2021 in the description.

This is the Table of Contents:

  • How to Use this Book to Achieve Your Travel Dreams
  • So, What are Miles and Points, Exactly?
  • Elite Status with Airlines and Hotels: Is It Worth It?
  • Setting your Travel Goals (Earn and Burn)
  • Airline Miles and Alliances: How They Work and How to Work Them
  • Finding Availability for Airline Awards: They’re Hiding In Plain Sight
  • Hotel Points: Luxury on Landing
  • Credit Card Points / Transferable Currencies: Your Most Important Tool
  • High-End Credit Cards: You Can Get More Than You Give
  • Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses: Fill Your Points Coffers Quickly
  • Credit Card Category Spend Bonuses: Don’t Leave Points on the Table
  • Earn Points and Miles by Banking: Make your $ Work For You
  • Earning Miles / Points / Cash Back for Eating and Shopping
  • Useful Websites to Bookmark
  • Tying It All Together

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The print version of the book is on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble right now – so head on over and pick up a copy!