Credit Card Rewards (Miles/Points) Consulting for your Business

Please note: The below offering is intended for businesses seeking a large scale review and corresponding proposal. If you are looking for a one-off session, please see this link: One-on-One Points and Miles Consulting

You have nothing to lose by signing up for the WALLET AUDIT. In fact, we believe it in so much, we GUARANTEE you will save money.

Do you own a small or medium-sized business? 

Do you know that you are probably leaving tens or hundreds of thousands of points on the table each year? You could be getting free airline tickets, free nights at hotels, complimentary upgrades, cash back on your purchases and so much more!  Hire MilesTalk to do a complete evaluation of your credit card spending strategy that includes:

  • A phone / video chat / in-person consultation to understand your business and your ultimate goals (i.e. would you rather get more points or would a specific strategy be right for you based on how you would like to spend the points?) and another when the report is delivered. 
  • complete analysis of your business’ last year’s credit card spending 
  • Customized Credit Card Recommendations – based on your expenses, spending habits, and rewards goals in order to maximize your rewards.
  • A “step by step” action plan so you can start earning rewards points immediately.

Best of all, I *guarantee* that your first year of additional savings and rewards exceeds the cost of the program – or I will reduce the bill to your first year of savings and rewards. 

My last business “Wallet Audit” client is now earning

an additional $6,279 a year

in credit card rewards.

In short, you can’t lose. Within one year you will be “ROI-positive” for the cost of this consultation and you will be profiting off the strategy for unlimited years to come.

Ready to get bonus points and other free benefits from your credit card? Contact MilesTalk today using the form below.