One on One Miles and Points Consulting

When you understand the power of miles and points but need some one-on-one help

Schedule a one-on-one session with Dave to “Ask Him Anything.”
You can discuss:

  • Strategies for optimizing the credit cards you open or how you spend onthem to maximize your points earnings
  • Strategies for planning your Earn and Burn Travel Goals (from Chapter 4 in the MilesTalk book)
  • Help with booking award travel – rather than offer an “award booking service,” Dave works on the challenge with you in real time. It’s teaching you to fish instead of catching one for you. (He cannot guarantee we can get you exactly what you want, but he can guarantee you will exhaust all of your options and you will learn in the process!) 
  • A “step by step” action plan so you can start earning rewards points immediately.
  • Almost anything else

Fill out the form below to get started. We ask for the topic you’d like to discuss to can make sure it’s not something for which someone else may be better suited to help. We’ll then schedule the video chat or phone call and arrange payment.  Sessions are $175 / 45 mins or $250 / 1 hr (your choice!!) and first-time clients will receive a free eBook copy of MilesTalk: Live Your Wildest Travel Dreams Using Miles and Points (or a special discounted price on the paperback) which will give you an amazing foundation for getting started in miles and points. 

If you are already fairly advanced and don’t need personalized one-on-one coaching, you may want to join the MilesTalk Facebook group. Most very specific questions can be answered there. 

Book your One-on-One today using the forms below (scroll down below to the second form to book a full hour).