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These Citi Credit Cards Still Have Extended Warranty Coverage

In September 2019, Citi gutted the benefits of nearly all of its cards in a surprising way – eliminating things like their popular Price Rewind, car rental insurance, return protection and extended warranty coverage.

But you may be surprised to learn that several Citi credit cards still have an Extended Warranty coverage benefit.

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And you may be even more surprised to know that, for the cards that still offer the benefit, it’s industry leading with a Citi credit card adding not 1 year like American Express, but a full 2 years to the original manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

citi extended warranty coverage

Citi Credit Cards With Extended Warranty

These Citi credit cards still have the Extended Warranty coverage benefit:

The popular Citi Double Cash card does not provide Extended Warranty coverage benefits any longer.

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Citi Extended Warranty Coverage Terms

What’s amazing about this Extended Warranty benefit is that you get a full two extra years added to your warranty (Amex and Chase add just one). So if your purchase has a standard 1 year warranty, this Extended Warranty benefit means you are covered for 3 full years if you put it on one of the above Citi credit cards.

  • Get an extra 24 months added to your warranty when you purchase items at least in part with your Citi card and/or ThankYou® Points. If your eligible item breaks, we’ll repair, reimburse or replace it, up to the amount charged on your Citi card and/or ThankYou® Points or up to $10,000 per item, whichever is less.
  • Extended Warranty Coverage begins when the manufacturer’s warranty, or an extended warranty you bought, expires.
  • In no event will total Extended Warranty coverage exceed seven years from the purchase date.
  • Covered: Purchases made with your Citi card and/or ThankYou® Points that come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Not Covered: Cars, boats, aircraft or any motorized land, air or water vehicles and their original equipment. Tires are not covered. Items that do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty are not covered.

This Extended Warranty coverage benefit is an extremely generous credit card benefit, especially on the no annual fee cards. See how it works in tandem with the manufacturer’s warranty:

citi extended warranty coverage

As you can see, if you buy an extended warranty, the Citi benefit will start after that one ends.

To File an Extended Warranty Claim

The Citi website directs you to call 1-866-918-4670 or download and return the completed claim form as soon as possible after the item fails. When calling, you will be asked a few questions and advised what documents should be submitted to support your extended warranty claim.

Return all required documents within 180 days of the incident. You will be notified of the decision once your claim is processed.

You can check your Citi credit card benefits guide for yourself right here.

MilesTalk Musings

For some reason, I’d assumed that when Citi removed so many credit card benefits in 2019, this was removed from most cards.

Since I was surprised to see that it actually still has extended warranty coverage on most of it’s credit cards, including several cards with no annual fee, I thought you might have also missed this.

And while I knew that Citi’s extended warranty coverage was 2 years, my mind still thinks that American Express offers two years of extended warranty. It used to, but they recently reduced their extended warranty coverage to just 1 additional year, making Citi the king of extended warranties. Chase also offers just one additional year.

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