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Get $200 Cash to Try Melio

I’m very excited about this. I used to use Plastiq for a lot of payments of this type but frustrations with their customer service led me to reach out to Melio (a very similar service, though only for business to business payments – but with actual live support!) to see what they could do for our readers and group members and the result is a free $200 cash to try them out! (When you send $200; terms apply / see below.)

What’s Melio?

Melio lets you pay bills with a credit card and they will get your vendor paid by check or ACH for a 2.9% fee. Sound familiar?

There’s really only one main difference in the two services and that is that Melio can only be used to pay business bills. So yes, that will disqualify some of you.

But for the rest of you, I’ve worked out an incredible deal with Melio to give them a try. 

If you use this special MilesTalk link that activates the $200 cash back offer you’ll get $200 cash deposited back into your bank account once you make $200 in payments. It’s that simple!

And I’ve ensured a smooth process for this cash back. Inside the secure Melio website or app, there is a place to securely enter your banking information to receive payments. (Here’s the info on that.)

As long as you enter it there, Melio will simply email you to confirm everything and then use that to send you back the $200. If you haven’t already updated the info on receiving payments with your ACH, they’ll ask you to either send them the info or update it on the site.

How is that for secure and simple?

What Are the Terms?

The only offer terms are:

  • You must be a new Melio user – not an existing user
  • You must use this special MilesTalk link that activates the $200 cash back offer
  • You must complete a payment of $200 or more via Melio Accounts Payable (not via a payment request).
  • Then, as long as you have your ACH info plugged into your Melio account, you’ll see the $200 back in short order (it’s manually processed, so be a bit patient.

A Few Things to Know About Melio

  • As I mentioned, you can only use this for business payments. They will ask for proof, especially your first time paying a vendor which can take an extra day or two while they validate. Both sides of the payment must be a business – so you need to at least be a sole proprietor (and able to prove it) and so must the payee. You can use Melio for all kinds of business-related payments, including employee reimbursements and 1099 contractors. 
  • They do have Live Chat Support on the website (Plastiq used to have this but no longer does).
  • The fee for a credit card payment is 2.9% and YES, they do take American Express (except not on cross border payments – Mastercard for those only). They also take Mastercard, Visa and even Discover, however Visa cards must be small business cards like the Chase Ink business credit cards.
  • If the venfor is getting paid by ACH, your only cost is the 2.9%. By check, it’s $1.50 extra but only after your first two each month which are free. There’s a $20 fee on top if paying someone in Canada.
  • Your vendor doesn’t need to know you are paying using a service. They don’t need to do a thing.

I also asked about those of you with very small businesses i.e. eBay sole props, Airbnb hosts, etc. and here is what I was told:

As long as it is a Business to Business payment – and the eBay seller/Uber driver etc. were approved as a business by our compliance department, they will be able to complete their payments. There is a good chance they will be requested to provide a proof they are a business.

The only exception would be restricted business types (like gambling).

Also keep in mind that the fees should be (this is not financial advice; consult your tax professional) be tax-deductible as it is part of your business epxense.

If you have any other questions, jump over to the MilesTalk Facebook group where we have a thread going on this promotion or reach out to me directly.

Otherwise: Activate the $200 cash back offer here!


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  1. I’m interested. I’ll be using my WBE credit card (biz card) to pay for the incorporate a new business entity (LLC or S Corp) by a incorporate business service company i.e. Legal zoom etc… Is this doable with Melio? Thanks.

    • That’s almost a trick question LOL. You’ll have the entity after you pay but not before they ask for verification. If you have already been doing business as the company ie Sched C then I’d think so. Otherwise probably not. But I’d also think you could pay LegalZoom with a credit card anyway, no? In which case do that first then pay a biz expense after with Melio.


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