fontainebleau tier status match

On the very first day that the Fontainebleau was open in Las Vegas, they were tier matching left and right

Caesars Diamond and MGM Gold both got matched to Gold and got a $150 dining and $150 spa credit – no play required!

That ended abruptly after the first day (with probably not much thought given to the wide open match or the effect of having no match at all).

Now they have come up with a plan.

From now through June 2nd, 2024, you can match again – though Caesars Diamond and MGM Gold both only match to Silver – which may come with a $100 dining credit (let me know in the comments – the benefits page implies it does).

For fans of the Status Match Merry Go Round™, there is a play – Hard Rock Unity ICON. This matches to Gold – with both the $150 dining and $150 spa credit. The spa credit used to require a stay but reader Dan in the comments reports that it’s no longer the case.

If you matched to ICON at the Mirage in Las Vegas any time in the last year, it was a one time only match, but it’s valid until the end of February 2024. If you’re local, be sure to match to Fontainebleau by Feb 29th.

If you are an Atlantic City Merry Go Rounder, you can still match Caesars Diamond to Unity ICON (only at the Atlantic City Hard Rock) as outlined in this article on the current state of the Status Match Merry Go Round in Atlantic City. You could then bring that ICON card to Fontainebleau if you’ll be there by June 2, 2024.

Note that all matched status at Fontainebleau under this offer ends Dec 31, 2024. And always consider – this might be useful for an onwards match. 

Here is a chart of Fontainebleau tier benefits for 2024.

And here is the full list of what matches to what.

Let me know if you plan to jump on this….


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  1. If I matched to Icon in LV last year and to Rock Royalty in AC in December, can I match to Icon in AC now even though my Icon from LV doesn’t expire until the end of February? Or do I wait until March to match back to icon?

  2. I went for the FB match today, but wanted to get my ducks in a row first. After reviewing the FB match list for other programs, I was surprised to see that MGM Gold and Caesar’s Diamond Plus (both of which I have) only matched to FB Silver. Equally surprising was that Unity (Mirage) Icon matches to FB Gold. I remembered matching to Unity Icon last year and discovered my card has an expiration date of 02/24. Does that mean it’s already expired or expires at the end of February 2024? I went to the Mirage and confirmed it expires at the end of Feb. I also learned that once Unity Icon expires, it cannot be rematched as the match is only offered “once in a lifetime”. Things change, we’ll see. Unsure if FB would have a problem with the Icon card expiration date I noticed FB Gold matches to Resorts World Monarch. I went to RW and matched my Caesars Diamond Plus to RW Monarch through a casino host (took 30 seconds). 15 minutes later I was at FB and instantly matched my RW Monarch to FB Gold. I was told to put the card in any slot machine to activate the $150 dining and $150 spa. Success! I read elsewhere the spa credit applies to a room charge and will not work with just a spa visit.

  3. Thanks to the merry-go-round, I matched to FB Gold with Resorts World Monarch (which was matched on this trip from Oceans Prime / Unity Icon). I also had my Unity Icon card on me, which could’ve worked as well for FB Gold.

    The $150 dining credit was usable instantly. My partner and I had an amazing lunch at Kyu, highly recommend that place if you want to try Japanese/Korean-leaning Asian fusion.

    Important bit: the rewards desk member mentioned that they recently changed the spa credit to be redeemable even if you’re not staying there (this is great!). You’ll have to book an appointment, so if you’re planning on coming to Vegas and want to knock it out all at once, take a look at the treatments and their schedule.


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