las vegas Fontainebleau tier match

UPDATED Dec 15Word is that nobody is getting matched anymore and this was a one day only thing for opening day. If you have any contrarian data points, please drop in the comments.

UPDATED Dec  14 – working for MGM Gold AND Caesars Diamond.

UPDATED AGAIN: All members being matched to Gold get the $150 dining and $150 spa credits – no play required! Expiry of Dec 2024 is confirmed.

I can’t confirm this first hand, but a reader messaged me via Instagram that they were able to take their MGM Gold card to the just-opened Fontainebleau and tier match to Fontainebleau Rewards’ Gold level.

This is intriguing mainly because the Fontainebleau Rewards page specifically says they don’t currently offer tier matching. It’s also intriguing as many of us still have MGM Gold through January 2024 from Hyatt matching and Caesars Diamond via Wyndham..

Fontainebleau Rewards Gold offers things like a $150 spa credit (one time), Complimentary suite upgrade (up to Noble Suites based on availability at check-in), no resort fees, complimentary valet any day, priority early check in time and line, comped ATM fees (that’s a new one!) and a few more things you can find here

Turns out, Caesars Diamond works too! Twitter user Alastair tier matched Caesars Diamond + to Fontainebleau Rewards Gold and reported getting a $150 dining credit & $150 spa gift. It turns out all members being matched to Gold get the $150 dining and $150 spa credits – no play required!

Now, since there is no published tier matching offer, and I’m not local to Las Vegas, I can’t test anything – but you guys can! We know MGM Gold and Caesars Diamond works. Maybe Mirage ICON too?

Expiry of Dec 2024 is confirmed.

And keep in mind that even if you don’t gamble much at Fontainebleau, it could be a path to yet another tier match later.

So what say you, MilesTalkers? Who is local and willing to roll the dice? 😉 


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    • @gary: It’s been confirmed that (at least for now) this was done on opening day only. We have not seen a single match since then (that includes in the Facebook group, here and all my socials). Sorry 🙁


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