I’ve used this offer before and for for some time, I wasn’t being allowed to use the offer again.

Today, when checking out for an order, I saw the message for the deal and clicked through to see if I might be eligible again by now as it’s been many months since the last time. Indeed, it offered me the deal and confirmed success when I clicked to activate.

$15 off $60 at Amazon with 1 Chase Ultimate Rewards Point

Here’s a direct link to the deal: https://www.amazon.com/b?node=18194156011

If it lets you successfully add the promotion, then it works like this:

1) Add $60 or more of eligible products sold and shipped by Amazon.com to your shopping cart.

2) Your Ultimate Rewards points will be temporarily set as your payment method at checkout. To redeem this offer, you must pay for at least a portion of your order with Ultimate Rewards points.

3) Up to $15 of savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page if the items in your order are eligible for the promotion credit.

How to Use This Deal Most Effectively?

First off, you’ll need to register at the link above. If you are NOT eligible, it will say”Sorry! We were not able to activate this promo code or apply your points. Please try again.”  If you are eligible you’ll get a green success message.

Next, be SURE the item(s) you pick are sold and shipped by Amazon, else it won’t work.

Then, at checkout, make sure your Amex card is set for the payment method. At that point it will default to using points for the whole purchase. Change that.

You want to use *one point* for one cent off.

If the rest was done properly, you’ll see the $15 off reflected on your checkout page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The next time you checkout, be sure you aren’t paying with all points by default as Amazon changes your default payment method.

In the past it has worked on third party gift cards sold by Amazon. Once last year it even worked on Amazon gift cards (but that is definitely no longer an option).


This offer won’t work for everyone. However, it should work for most people with an enrolled card that haven’t done the offer recently.

Don’t have a Chase Ultimate Rewards earning credit card?

Here’s a list of credit cards that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards Points.

Did it work for you?

Let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private MilesTalk Facebook group.

You can find credit cards that best match your spending habits and bonus categories at Your Best Credit Cards

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