25% Transfer Bonus: Citi ThankYou to Air France Flying Blue

The Flying Blue award structure is wacky ever since they removed award charts. In some cases you can score transatlantic flights in the 50k point range, though, so with this bonus you could be off to Europe in the pointy end of he plane for under 40,000 Amex points.

The transfer bonus will run until July 20th.

That’s pretty sweet. Flying Blue also has Promo Rewards, with up to 50% off regular prices that you can stack with this, of one of the routes works for you.

Should you transfer “just in case”?  In my opinion, only if you use Flying Blue a lot and know you’ll use the points. I never advise to speculatively transfer just because of a bonus as you sacrifice future flexibility for it.

For example, yesterday I was looking at a flight to the Maldives that was pricing out at 113,000 Flying Blue points. Today, it’s over 450,000 points (same flights).

But other times, you can find transatlantic flights in Business for under 60,000 Flying Blue miles.  Keep in mind that flights that *connect* in Paris are almost always cheaper than flights that end in Paris (from the US). I know – more flight time is cheaper?? I have no idea either but that’s how it is…

It’s especially good timing if the recent announcement about Citi removing virtually all card benefits has you reconsidering your card portfolio….

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