While trying to view some bard benefits, namely how much of my American Express Bonvoy Brilliant annual credit I’ve used this year (spoiler: you can only find this out by calling), I saw a transfer bonus to Avios being offered. (And, to be clear, it’s from my other Membership Rewards-earning cards.)

(Update: This may be somewhat targeted with 40% bing offered to some and 50% to others)

Two nice things about this bonus from Amex to Avios:

1) It seems to be a fixed offer of 40%, not randomly variable by account (though let me know if you see anything different!) and

2) It isn’t one of those “if you look at this bonus and don’t take it then it might vanish” – which I hate and don’t even understand as transferring points shouldn’t be a high pressure decision….

So, check your accounts and you should see a 40% bonus on offer to all three Avios options: British Airways, Aer Lingus, and Iberia. Remember each program has slightly different award chart nuances, so be sure to think about which one is best for the redemption you have in mind before transferring.

Are you transferring?

Let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private MilesTalk Facebook group.

You can find credit cards that best match your spending habits and bonus categories at Your Best Credit Cards

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