Amex Business Platinum

This morning I wrote with some delight about a $200 annual fee related statement credit that Amex advised via email that they will be posting to my account after the annual fee is billed on my Amex Business Platinum card.

Amex Business Platinum

Annual Fee Credits for 5 More Amex Cards (in addition to the Business Platinum $200 credit)

I was having a conversation with the @AskAmex folks on Twitter and asked if any other cards would be targeted (as many MilesTalkers have asked). While I still think something is likely in the wings for the personal Platinum card, as of now they have confirmed it applies to 5 additional Amex cards.

Remember, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it seems to apply to anyone whose card renews from now through December.


Which Amex Cards Are Getting Annual Fee Credits?

Per the Twitter representative, the following:

Consumer Delta Reserve Card Members will receive a $100 credit.

Business Delta Reserve $125

Business Delta Platinum $75

Business Hilton Honors $50

Business Marriott Bonvoy $50


I think it’s great that they are working to proactively offer rebates on fees for cards that make a bit less sense while we aren’t traveling. As I mentioned above, I can’t believe the personal Amex Platinum won’t see a similar credit, so perhaps they aren’t done yet.


Did you get an email about an Amex annual fee credit?

Let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private MilesTalk Facebook group.

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