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Southwest Companion Pass Season

I *just* kicked off what I call “Southwest Companion Pass Season” last week. The timing I go by is about half way through October, giving you plenty of time to spend your way close to the minimum spend requirements of two cards (two business or one personal and one business) – but without cutting it so close you might accidentally hit one of the minimum spends a few days early.

The Companion Pass Strategy aims to get you the Southwest Companion Pass (where you can have a companion fly for just taxes and fees on as many flights as you can take) for as close to two full years as possible

With these new offers, you’ll get 75,000 Southwest (Companion Pass qualifying) points when you spend $3,000 within 3 months from account opening. This replaces the old offer for 50,000 points when you spend $1,000 within 3 months.

The primary way it changes the strategy is:

  1. If you cannot get business credit cards (even though most people are eligible!), this gets you more than halfway there.
  2. If you want to get the Southwest Business Premier instead of the Southwest Business Performance card (lower annual fee but only 60,000 points with the bonus on Premier vs. 80,000 on the Performance), the higher personal card bonus will balance that out – so both work equally well.

If you already know the deal with these cards, you can find all of the offers here (the links support MilesTalk): Learn how to apply for Southwest Airlines Credit Cards.

You can also read my full guide on how to get the Southwest Companion Pass for Two Years.


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  1. Hi, can you please confirm, If I meet my required spend in Dec, but my statement cuts in early Jan, won’t I earn the bonus points in 2024? As I understand it, the points I earn for Dec charges wouldnt count for my 2024 companion pass, but the 75k bonus on 1 card and the 60k bonus I have on another, would give me enough to get the pass. I have 1 card that closes on the 3rd and I just got approved for the 2nd and will ask them to close then as well so hopefully I can use the companion pass on a flight I already have booked for Feb. I don’t want to mess it up!



    • Hi @ellen. You do get how it is SUPPOSED to work 😉 99 out of 100 times, that is how it works. Once in a while, Chase posts the bonus early, though. And so to avoid that rare but very possible thing from happening, we say to wait until Jan 1 to make that final purchase.

  2. Newbie here to miles/points.

    I have the Southwest Priority credit card and have had said card for many years. If I cancel that credit card, when would I be eligible for the bonus for the Southwest Plus or Premiere credit card?

    Thx and love the website and advice. 🙂


    • Hi Mike – first I want to make sure it’s not your very oldest card as cancelling would negatively impact your credit score.

      Assuming that is not the case, you are free to cancel it any time and the rule is just that it’s been 24 months since your last bonus on a Southwest personal card to receive a new one.

      You can get any of the three including the one you cancelled. Just wait 2 weeks after you close to apply so the system has time to clear you out.


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