A quick mention and congratulations to Bilt on raising $200 Million at a $3.1 Billion valuation. I admit, when I walked into the Bilt offices as they launched, with around a dozen employees, I was just not sure how they were going to parlay essentially paying people to pay their rent (by virtue of awarding points with no transaction fees) but they’ve gone and done it!

They also turned a profit in 2023 (I thought it would take longer) and got Amex superstar Ken Chenault to chair the board. 

Most interesting tidbit for MilesTalkers? In the press release a line that said

“Additionally, Bilt plans to venture into mortgage payment rewards.”

Get the popcorn out but folks…. that’s all we know about that.

Bilt’s Rent Day Transfer Bonus: Air Canada Aeroplan

Aeroplan is the frequent flyer program of Air Canada. While many Americans may not think of transferring points to a foreign airline – even one as close as Canada – it does have three really compelling features.

  • Crazy low $25 CAD lap infant fees (applies to both Air Canada and partner awards)
  • Free Stopover (even on a one way award) for just $50 CAD
  • No carrier (YQ) surcharges are passed on (and you know those can be huge

Beyond that, they have also made a habit in recent years of adding partners outside of the Star Alliance network they are a part of (Etihad was the most notable recent addition, yet people have reported that it hasn’t been bookable in many months). And those non-alliance partners can be combined with Star Alliance partners, making a wide range of options available.

With that said, Bilt has gotten Aeroplan on board as the transfer bonus partner this month, meaning that on February 1st, you can transfer from your Bilt account to Aeroplan at the same absolutely bonkers transfer bonus rate they have done in the past (for instance, with both Virgin Atlantic and Air France Flying Blue).

Once again, it will be tiered based on your status as follows:

Bilt Status

Transfer Bonus

Bilt Platinum Members 

150% Bonus (1,000 Bilt Points = 2,500 Aeroplan points)

Bilt Gold Members

125% Bonus (1,000 Bilt Points = 2,250 Aeroplan points)

Bilt Silver Members

100% Bonus (1,000 Bilt Points = 2,000 Aeroplan points)

Bilt Blue Members*

75% Bonus (2,000 Bilt Points = 3,500 Aeroplan points)

Your bonus will be based on your status as of  2/1. Note that Bilt Status updates are reflected up to 96 hours after any earn action. 

*Blue members must transfer a minimum of 2,000 Bilt Points.

Taxes, fees and carrier-imposed surcharges apply to reward flights and vary according to choice of cabin, departure airport, destination and date(s) of travel and are subject to change. Reward flights are subject to availability. Aeroplan membership required to book reward flights.

The transfer bonus is live only on February 1st from Midnight ET until February 2nd, 2:59AM ET. 

For sure, Bilt keeps incentivizing people to earn and maintain elite status! Once an afterthought, it’s now clearly a focal point of the program and they have, therefore, made it harder to earn higher Bilt status tiers

And now on to the other Rent Day benefits:

Valentine’s Day Reservations

Bilt is helping to take the stress out of planning Valentine’s Day by giving our members access to a date night at some of the hottest restaurants in Bilt Dining. 

Reservations will be bookable in the Bilt app on February 1st for parties of 2 (individual tables) to enjoy on February 14th. Menus will be decided in advance and promoted in the app at the time of booking.

This experience will be available for two people for a total cost of $200 or 15,000 Bilt Points at:


Los Fuegos – 7:00pm ET (5 reservations); 9:00 ET (5 reservations)

Pastis –  6:30pm ET (5 reservations); 9:00pm ET (5 reservations)

Washington, DC

The Saga – 7:00pm ET (5 reservations); 9:00 ET (5 reservations)

Lyle’s – 7:00pm ET (5 reservations); 8:30 ET (5 reservations)

Los Angeles

Republique – 7:30pm PT (5 reservations); 9:30 PT (5 reservations)

Crustacean Beverly Hills  – 7:00pm PT (5 reservations); 8:30 PT (5 reservations)

New York

Meduza – 7:15pm ET (5 reservations); 9:30 ET (5 reservations)

Sartiano’s – 7:30pm ET (5 reservations); 9:30 ET (5 reservations)

Sake No Hana – 7:00pm ET (5 reservations); 8:30 ET (5 reservations)


Bistro Du Midi – 7:30pm ET (5 reservations); 9:30 ET (5 reservations)

Reservations are bookable on a first-come, first-served basis, using Bilt Points or any card in your Bilt Wallet. Exact restaurants, reservation times, and cost are subject to change and will be displayed on the Rent Day tab in the Bilt App on January 26th

All Bilt members will be able to secure one of the reservations beginning on February 1st at noon ET.

All of the other usual Rent Day benefits (Double Points on Rent Day up to 10,000 bonus points, Soul Cycle, Point Quest, and the Rent Day Gameshow will all also take place for Rent Day.

And while it always seems like Bilt gives away so much for free (like the ability to earn points paying rent with no transaction fees and these insane transfer bonuses), they just announced that they raised $200 Million in fresh financing, valuing Bilt at $3.1 Billion, and achieved profitability in 2023! So this team they’ve got is pretty much crushing things.

Still not on the Bilt train?

Apply for the Bilt Mastercard and finally pay your rent on a credit card without any transaction fees – while earning points!


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