We have the details on August’s Rent day from Bilt (the company that lets you earn points from paying rent with no fees whatsoever).

It will be an August 1st only transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic – but for the first time it will be tiered based on your Bilt Rewards status.

The bonus will be tiered as follows:

BLUE 75% (1,000 Bilt Points = 1,750 Virgin Points)
SILVER 100%  (1,000 Bilt Point = 2,000 Virgin Points)
GOLD 125%  (1,000 Bilt Point = 2,250 Virgin Points)
PLATINUM 150% (1,000 Bilt Point = 2,500 Virgin Points)


I personally like this concept a lot as, until now, having Platinum status hasn’t meant very much. While I have enough Virgin points stacked from past cancelled flights during COVID, if my Virgin bank was empty I’d certainly jump on this.

Virgin points remain great for Delta one to Europe (50k) and short haul flights in North American on Delta, plus ANA First and Business, of course. 

Remember, you’ll only be able to transfer with this bonus on August 1st.

As always, you will get double points on all purchases (excluding Rent) on August 1st (2x on everything, 4x on travel, and 6x on dining.)

Don’t have a Bilt Card? Apply here


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