Bilt’s Rent Day

You may recall that on October 1st, Bilt Rewards had its first “Rent Day” which gives doubles points on everything for a 24 hour period the first of the month.

This will continue each month, so the next one is coming up on Tuesday, November 1st. I personally have made notes on a bunch of things to charge that day, like utilities and day care – things that don’t get a bonus on any card.

It works out like this:

  • Dining: 6x points (regularly 3x points)
  • Travel: 4x points (regularly 2x points)
  • All other Spend excluding rent: 2x points (regularly 1x points)

Renters will receive double earnings up to 10,000 bonus points per rent day. Cardholders will continue to earn 1x points on their rent payments when paying with the Bilt Mastercard.

They also have additional freebies each month. The most exciting of which is:

Unlock United MileagePlus Elite Status

“Now through November 1st, unlock complimentary United MileagePlus® Premier® Silver or Gold status for 120 days just by being a Bilt Member. Bilt Blue Tier members are eligible for United Premier Silver Status and Bilt Silver, Gold and Platinum Tier members are eligible for United Premier Gold Status.

You can extend your Premier status through January 2024 by completing the following requirements during your Challenge Period: For Silver Premier members, earn 1,000 Premier qualifying points (PQP) and 4 Premier qualifying flights (PQF). For Gold Premier members fly 6 PQF and earn 2,000 PQP on flights operated by United or United Express. To unlock the status, head to the Rent Day tab in the Bilt app starting Oct 27. Enrollment is open until 11:59PM PST on November 1st.”

Gold status should be available for most Bilt members since it’s relatively hard to only have Blue tier…

Soul Cycle Ride Together Classes

If you want to ride with other Bilt members…

“Bilt Rewards is partnering with SoulCycle to host one “Rent Day, Ride Together” class on the first of every month at over 50 SoulCycle locations nationwide, allowing members to book a class and receive a complimentary bike for a friend. Members can reserve the special-themed class via, SoulCycle app or directly through the Bilt Rewards app. Riders will also receive Bilt and SoulCycle branded swag and giveaways.”

Bilt’s Revised Referral Program

“Earn 2,500 Bilt Points for every new cardmember you refer and earn a 10,000 point bonus after every five members you refer. Earn up to 2,025,000 points.”

This is *almost* as good as the original Bilt referral program which was 5,000 points per referral.

You can learn more about Bilt, join, or get the Bilt Mastercard here.


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  1. “Be strategic about when you enroll. If you have a flight late February, for example, and won’t qualify for the full year, enroll at the end of November.”

    But the terms that you posted literally say “Enrollment is open until 11:59PM PST on November 1st.”


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