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Last updated: Friday Nov 24th at 4pm

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it’s a nice and relaxing day with your family. I’m grateful to be spending it with my wife and her mother, my infant son (who loves planes!), my parents, and my entire brother’s family (wife and two kids). We are hosting and right now is the calm before the storm 😉 

I’m also thankful for all of you, the MilesTalkers that without you, I’d be talking to myself 😉 I love interacting with all of you right here, in the nearly 31,000 member MilesTalk Facebook group, and on Twitter / X and Instagram.  I hope to see many of you at the LA Meetup next weekend. I’m thankful you all have let me make my passion my career and I’m also so thankful to have finally launched Your Best Credit Cards 2.0 after 17 months of incredibly hard work.

All of that said, let’s get to the deals! These are a compilation of the deal thread that MilesTalk Moderator Sarah assembled.


First, let’s make sure you have checked and double checked for any available Amex or Chase “Pay One Point” offers.

American Express Membership Rewards “Pay One Point”

See if you are targeted. You could be able to save as much as 50% up to perhaps $80. Deal varies by account.

Chase Ultimate Rewards “Pay One Point”

See if you are targeted. This would save you $15 on your order if you are.

Discover “Pay One Point”

See if you are targeted. This offer varies but is working again right now.

If you are’t targeted this time, you can still feel free to support MilesTalk by making any Amazon purchases through the MilesTalk Amazon affiliate link 🙂 

Apple Deals

I posted this on Monday, but they are still live.

You’ll save 19% to over 50% on these deals.

More Black Friday deals.

(MilesTalk may earn a commission on items purchased from Amazon when you use our links. Thanks for your support if you do.)

Airline Cash Deals

Airline Miles Deals

Hotels (Cash)

Hotels (Points)

MaxMyPoint: Get 30% Off Platinum Membership for 3 Months with Promo Code: THANKS. Offer ends Nov 26.

Online Travel Agencies


Car Rentals


  • Don’t forget to check your Amex / Chase Offers for deals
  • Don’t forget to check airline shopping portals and Rakuten before making an online purchase. If you don’t have a Rakuten account, get $40 when you spend $40 at any store using my referral. You can also take this as 4,000 Amex membership Rewards points if you elect that when you signup. 
  • Rakuten also has lots of deals like Dell 15% off (use for your Amex Biz Plat credits), so scan Rakuten.
  • You can also get $50 with Capital One Shopping when you use a referral link, install the extension, and spend $10. I recommend you install the extension on a browser you don’t normally use, that way you can discount shop there and decide if you want to use it or something like Rakuten or an airline portal before purchasing. BONUS: Refer your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend etc for another $50 for each of you. Note that Capital One Shopping rewards are points redeemable for guft cards but a really cool thing is that often when you look at a brand and it has a cash back of say 7% and you click but don’t purchase, you may get an email offering you something insane like 30%. 
  • Hulu with ads for $0.99/month for 1 year; base service with Disney+ for $2 more.
  • Uber One (targeted) – 3 months free & 60% off annual membership
  • Get Your Guide – up to 50% off experiences –
  • Elevated cash back on ibotta – (I think that is Sarah’s link so show her some love 🙂 )

Oh, and don’t forget to consider a signup bonus on a new credit card for your holiday spend. Most American Express cards will give you an instant card number. Chase will let you add new personal (not business) cards to your Digital Wallet once it’s in your online account. Capital One often (but not always) offers instant virtual card numbers.

And the Bilt Mastercard (no transaction fees for rent when you make 5 other transactions in a month and has a 2X deal right now on shopping for 5 days) will give you an instant card on approval.

Find anything else amazing? Drop in the comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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