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Some Chase Cards No Longer Seem Subject to 5/24

There’s been a lot of chatter in the miles and points sphere the last couple of weeks regarding approvals for three kinds of Chase cards even for those that have run afoul of the Chase 5/24 rule.

Apparently, you stand as good a chance as someone not over 5/24 if you are applying for one of the following co-branded family of cards.

southwest priority
Southwest Priority Credit Card

Data Points

We started seeing data points on Doctor of Credit two weeks ago.

Last week, I casually mentioned these rumors to a Chase exec I happened to be speaking with, who couldn’t speak on the issue but certainly did not deny this could be happening nor rule out expansion of it. It seems to be a trial balloon.

And this week, as we approach today’s deadline to apply for the 100,000 point bonus offers on the Chase Southwest personal credit cards, we have had many more reports in the group (via PM, mostly). I have additionally seen reports of the same approvals on other Facebook groups like 10X Travel and Travel on Points.

Southwest 100K Offer Ends Today (Dec 7th)

I’ve written about how to get the Southwest Companion Pass easy as pie with a credit card or two.

Especially if you aren’t eligible for business credit cards (even though so many actually are), this is the last chance of the year to knock this out easily for 2022 and 2023 in one shot.

So, even if you are over 5/24, go ahead and try for that Southwest credit card ( <–this link supports MilesTalk ).

Will More Cards Sidestep 5/24?

My hunch is yes. I think that Chase wants to see not just how many new cards they open on these co-brands, but also the quality of the spend on them.

I certainly am not privy to what metrics would make it a total success, but if they deem is successful, it should certainly expand. More card approvals are simply good business for all involved.


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