In the fantastic Bilt / Hyatt promotion I wrote about recently where you get Explorist status as a trial and then Explorist through Feb 2025 if you stay 10 nights during the promotion period or Globalist if you stay 20 nights, there has turned out to be a discrepancy on the start date between what I was provided in advance and the final terms. 

In the Terms I was sent and linked in that original post, it stated:

Only Qualifying Nights completed between April 17 and July 16, 2023 will count towards with this offer. (bolding mine).

In the final terms found here, the language is updated to state that you must begin your stay April 17th or later.

Stays that have begun or which are completed by a member prior to April 17, 2023 will not count towards this offer (even if any night stayed otherwise qualifies as a “Tier-Qualifying Night” for purposes of the World of Hyatt program).

Again, bolding mine.

I only stumbled across this because I had booked a stay for April 16th, checking out the 17th, specifically for this offer and just happened to stumble across a Frequent Miler post that listed out some FAQs and I noticed the contrast in language. 

So I reached out to my contact at Hyatt who definitively confirmed the latter language is correct.

If you booked any stays that start before April 17th, even if they end afterwards, you’ll want to either cancel those right now or know they won’t count.

Glad I found this out now rather than later, as I may well have wound up a night short…


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  1. You stated…”If you booked any stays that start before April 17th, even if they end afterwards, you’ll want to either cancel those right now or know they won’t count.” This is good info. A stay booked for April 15 and check out on April 17th (2 nights) however would still quality for the Bonus Journeys 3000 point promotion? And a stay starting again on the April 17th, at a different location would then start the count for the Bilt Challenge. Would this accurate reasoning? I have the April 15-17 stay booked already for an event, and then I fly to another city for an April 17th check in, which I hope counts as the first night of the Bilt promotion……there is no gap between the stays from the 15th, but the hotel location and state is different? Would this be potentially a problem for getting credit for the Bilt Promotion?

    • Hi Peggy,

      Yes. Your April 15-17 will count for Bonus Journeys. If it’s your first stay inside the Bonus Journeys window, it won’t earn the 3,000 points but will count as that first stay required to trigger Bonus Journeys 3,000 points per 2 nights on subsequent stays. And then a stay that begins April 17th will count for the Bilt promo.


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