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Southwest Companion Pass and A-List Extensions

Last week, Southwest announced that, in light of the late December operational issues, it would extend 2022 Companion Passes (earned in 2021 for 2021-2022) an extra month, through January 2023. January 2023 also became an extra month you could use to earn your 2022/2023 Companion Pass.

(They also announced that A-List or A-List Preferred status would get the same extension.)

Earning Companion Pass: 2023/2024

But what about earning Companion Pass for 2023/2024?

It has been a touch unclear if points earned in January 2023 now *only* counted towards last year (i.e. the 2022/2023 Companion Pass). Most believed it would count for both years…. meaning that it could top you off for 2022/2023 but also count towards earning in 2023 for 2024.

To clear this up and leave zero uncertainty, I reached out to Corbitt Burns, Sr Director, Loyalty & Ancillary Products at Southwest Airlines.

He confirmed for me, without any doubt, that you can indeed “Double Dip” for Companion Pass.

You needn’t worry that, if January earnings put you over the threshold for 2022/2023, that it won’t count towards 2023-2024. It definitely will.

So if you were super close in 2022, you can still earn it this month (which would last through the end of this year), but those same Companion Pass points earned in January 2023 will count towards earning the Companion Pass in 2023/2024.

You could easily, then, earn it now if you were close, and then have all year to earn your 2023/2024 Companion Pass – alleviating some time pressure to get the maximum 2 years out of it.

The Southwest Companion Pass Strategy

If you are at all unsure about what I’m talking about, be sure to read y article about the tried and true method of earning the Southwest Companion Pass for two full years.


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  1. What about the companion pass that is just for January 1 thru around. March 10 this year that was earned through a promotion by flying last October round trip on southwest?


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