Emirates First Class (A380)
Emirates First Class (A380)

I was doing my daily search just now for an award flight to the Maldives during peak season today when I came across something very interesting.  Since Emirates hadn’t shown a through flight in Business in many days now, I started searching segment by segment, starting with NYC-DXB.

Emirates First Class (A380)
Emirates First Class (A380)

Emirates Drops “Fuel” Surcharges

The first thing I noticed was that the surcharges (formerly known as fuel surcharges) were only $161.50 for Business Class JFK-DXB. They used to top $800.

I thought this must be a mistake and was going to call Emirates to ask… but a quick Google search verified that OMAAT’s Lucky beat me to the punch – by 22 minutes 😉

It saves me the phone call, though, as he verifies the same thing I saw and also added in an IATA screenshot showing that the surcharges were indeed pared down to just $150 a ticket (the other $11.50 is taxes and fees). He found the same for fifth-freedom flights like EWR-ATH as well.

Emirates First Class Bar
Emirates First Class Bar

Emirates Skywards used to rarely be the best way to book Emirates First and Business Class – That’s all changed

As a transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou, and Capital One miles, you have TONS of ways to get miles in. Until now, Alaska MileagePlan was your best method since they didn’t pass on the fuel surcharges.

Note that Alaska is still a bit of a better deal, at 82,500 miles, but you can only earn Alaska miles via their own MileagePlan program or via a transfer from Marriott Bonvoy. NYC-DXB, for example, is 100,000 Emirates Skywards miles instead of 82,500 Alaska miles, and still a $150 more in fees, but it’s so much easier to acquire Emirates Skywards miles via transfer partners.


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Have you flown Emirates First or Business? Will this change how you book?

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