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This is all related to the Status Match Merry Go Round™ and, specifically the Atlantic City spur described in the master post.

Will March 1, 2023 Change Everything at Hard Rock AC?

That’s not a prediction – it’s purely a question because I don’t know any more than anyone else what will happen until it happens. 

But recall that the Hard Rock program year resets on March 1st every year. Until now, like clockwork, you could go back and match your Caesars Diamond or MGM Gold to Rock Royalty (which gets you the Ocean Prime match).

Nationwide Transition to Unity

Hard Rock nationwide has been transitioning to their new Unity program which is one program for all Hard Rock locations. We’ve know for some time that the current “Wild Card” program will end at some point. Hard Rock Atlantic City actually sent me a Unity ICON card at least 6 months ago in preparation, although that card expires tomorrow. 

In my opinion, March 1st would be the logical time for Hard Rock Atlantic City to change over to Unity.

If they do, they may continue everything under the current status quo – matching to ICON instead of Rock Royalty (the equivalent tier and what Mirage in Las Vegas has been matching MGM Gold to.

But they also may not.

I’m sure I’ll have something more concrete in a few days, but in the meantime the point of this post is a) if you can get to Atlantic City by Tuesday, that seems safest. But if you have plans to go later in the week or anytime after, especially if you are comeing from far away, you may wish to wait and see what happens March 1st.

I’m confident a MilesTalker will step up, try their luck, and report in 🙂

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  1. Here to report and confirm that I matched this past weekend and successfully reached MGM Gold starting at Caesars Diamond in AC. Do I need to book Hard Rock free nights by EOD 2/28?

  2. HARD ROCK free night is a JOKE!!!

    Never was able to redeem it and went on a chase and even talked to hosts, player club managers etc. but guess what? They never gave us the free room that we should’ve gotten!!! So HR/AC is dead to me.


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