If you have an American Express corporate card through your employer, you’ve hopefully linked it to your personal Membership Rewards account. While Amex charges $90 to do so, most people charge enough for work to make that worth while.

But here’s a new reason to pay to link it…

The Corporate Advantage Program

One you call and enroll, you’ll get a statement credit on the following four personal Amex cards:

The Platinum gets a $150 annual statement credit, the Gold gets a $100 annual credit, the Green gets a $75 annual credit and the Blue Cash Preferred gets a $50 annual credit. Yes, you can get all four!

While you can apply via the program to get the personal cards, there’s no benefit and you can just as easily link a card you already have or apply for.

For the last three, that’s in the ballpark of half your annual fee.

My wife has a corporate Green card, so we called up to see how easy this is. I wondered if the rep would even know what we were talking about.

We called the number on the back of her Corporate card and when the rep answered, she stated that she wanted to enquire about the Corporate Advantage program and believed she should be eligible for a $100 credit on her Gold card and a $75 credit on her Green card. The rep said she could see the cards were linked and asked for just a moment to place her on hold. She came back fairly quickly and confirmed her eligibility. I had my wife ask if this was one-time or annual and the rep confidently stated this is an annual benefit for as long as she has the corporate card and either of her personal cards and she would not have to call in each year to get it.

It could not have been easier.

A HUGE Hat Tip to Danny the Deal Guru for posting about this earlier this week.

How much did you just save?

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