Note: This was posted August 8th. The devaluation occurred August 9th, so you’re already too late if you are reading this now.

If you are considering booking a reward with your Hertz points, do it today.

Here are today’s prices (I can’t get beyond these on a new rental).

hertz devaluation

And here are tomorrow’s prices:

hertz devaluation hertz devaluation

As one quick comparison, I can see that a one week standard rental is increasing from 3,750 points to 4,750 – about a 21% increase.

What I don’t know is if you book an award now, can you change the dates / times later?

If so I’d book a placeholder week but I’m not sure if that works.

If you do know that answer, please let us know below!

HT: to VFTW for noticing this Flyertalk post


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