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I’d previously mentioned on the MilesTalk Facebook group that it would be a wise idea to signup for HotelSlash while it was in beta since that meant a free lifetime membership.

HotelSlash is Live and Out of Beta

Well, HotelSlash is now full and officially live and with it, that deal is gone. But don’t worry – I’ve worked with HotelSlash founder to get you a pretty huge discount anyway 🙂 

HotelSlash Discount Code

If you use this link which will plugin promo code MILESTALK, you’ll get your first 6 months free and then half price (so just $15 a year) for life.

(Without the code, it’s $29.95 with just a 90 day free trial).

This is not an affiliate link; I get absolutely nothing out of this.

What is HotelSlash?

Many of you are familiar with AutoSlash, the website that tracks your car rental reservations and helps you rebook when prices drop.

HotelSlash is the same concept, but for hotels. You can either book directly with HotelSlash and it will track your stay to notify you if/when the rates drop OR you can send it a copy of a booking you’ve already made and it will track it and notify you when it find a cheaper booking.

Hotel Slash hotels
Hotel Slash

Pretty cool stuff. 

Jonathan Weinberg, the founder, and his team have been working at this for quite some time and I have every confidence they’ll do very well. 

Third Party Rates and Status Benefits

Of course, you need to decide for yourself if you are willing to book a prepaid hotel (and possibly non refundable / non changeable as well) in exchange for the savings when that is the cheapest rate available.

In addition, you should expect that you won’t receive any elite status benefits, points, or elite night credits from these stays as they are Third Party. However, you *never know* and if you are happy without the benefits, you can still TRY to add your frequent guest number and see what happens. I’d appreciate any positive reports along these lines here or in the MilesTalk Facebook group! (I’d also love to hear your overall experience with HotelSlash!)

So once again, use this link which will plugin promo code MILESTALK, and you’ll get your first 6 months free and then half price (so just $15 a year) for life.


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