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Update: October 5th. As noted by Frequent Miler and as I just confirmed directly with Capital One, things are all back to normal re the below EXCEPT for the BA transfers which appear to still be down.

I’ve written a fair bit about how you can move cash from cards like the Capital One SavorOne, Spark Cash Select, and Quicksilver to mileage-earning cards like the Capital One Venture, Venture X, or Spark Miles.

It’s pretty awesome because you have the option to cash out as cash on the cash back cards (unlike the travel cards which can only be cashed out for travel – or transferred), but then you also have the option to spend as miles if you do want to transfer, given that Capital One now has a long list of airline and hotel transfer partners. 

You should know that this feature is currently temporarily unavailable (along with transfers to BA) and there is no timeframe on restoration. I reached out to a Capital One spokesperson who confirmed that:

“…the Share Rewards option is temporarily unavailable, due to maintenance. We are hoping to restore availability as quickly as possible.

I did ask if there was an ETA on the restoration and unfortunately none is available.


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  1. I have been calling them for more than 3 weeks now about this problem; and this appalling that we cannot transfer SavorOne rewards to Venture X. I got both Venture X and SavorOne for this reason. And when you call someone overseas, they tell you cashback rewards and points are separate and they aren’t even aware that there was a function to move rewards. Even last night they told me that, and the guy had been working for Cap one for 10 years! Still cannot speak English properly. Just awful Cap One management. They did not give us or even their employees notice about it. And in protest, I stopped using both SavorOne and Venture X and now am using the Chase Trifecta. I trust that Chase over Cap one. Cap one will not get a penny of my money until they restore that function. Even then, I lost trust in them.

  2. I have not been able to transfer my saved up cap one points for 3 weeks and have now missed a window of redemption. Their customer service is non existent. Horrible. I will be leaving this company as soon as I can resolve this, if ever. This is the most frustrating experience I have ever had with a credit card company.

  3. Still waiting for this issue to be resolved….It’s like they don’t care. This is a big reason why I have this card, to transfer points. So stupid.

  4. I just check this morning and Brish Airways transfer is still down. I called and was told the same thing, just check back. I am trying to utilize my $300 travel credit that expires in 3 days. The fact that no one is able to fix this and there is no “work around ” is very frustrating. No one knows anything at Cap one no matter what department you speak to. I am definitely getting rid of this card as soon as I can!!!


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