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One of the perks of both Explorist and Globalist status in the World of Hyatt program is a benefit related to cancelling a reservation later than the stated policy. It’s a wonderful feature and I’m not aware of anything similar elsewhere.

I have had Marriott Titanium reps reach out on my behalf successfully for similar last minute emergencies – but I’ve also had then just get told no by the hotel.

With World of Hyatt, this is an actual, written benefit.

Here’s what it says:

“Reservations confirmed or changed by World of Hyatt Explorist or Globalist members can be cancelled until 11:59 pm the day before arrival, when the hotel’s cancellation period stated above is not more than 48 hours. This 24-hour cancellation period benefit is not valid for stays at Hyatt Residence Club or Miraval resorts. It also does not apply: (i) to prepaid or non-refundable rates; (ii) when the cancellation period stated above is more than 48 hours; or (iii) for reservations booked at corporate negotiated or group contract rates. This benefit is based on a member’s tier status at the time of cancellation. The cancellation windows are based on the hotel’s local time.

So, let’s say you are in New York, headed to California in the morning. The reservation you have states a 48 hour cancellation policy (remember, this doesn’t work if the cancellation is any longer – even 72 hours would make it exempt). If you are Explorist or Globalist, you can cancel until 2:59am Eastern time since the hotel is on Pacific time where that would be 11:59pm.

This provides extra peace of mind for all the things that can and do go wrong when traveling. 

And if you are unlucky enough to have to cancel later than that or at a hotel with a longer cancellation policy, it’s always worth calling and asking for a favor. Especially if you are Globalist, Hyatt is by far the chain you are most likely to get an exception made (although outside of policy, it’s the Globalist line calling the hotel and asking for the favor). But much like Hyatt properties tend to offer elite benefits with a smile, they are (in my experience) most likely to work with the Globalist rep for an exception.

Have you used this benefit? Did you even know about it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I had a situation spring of 2022 where my flight was being delayed all day long and it didn’t look like I would ever leave to get to Miami that day. The airline was willing to send me anywhere else but my hotel (The Confidante Miami Beach) had a 72hr cancel. We had a five night spring break trip planned for the family. At 3pm central time (4pm hotel time) I called the Globalist hotline and asked what they could do to help me out and they said they could cancel the hotel and refund my points. Another one of the main reasons why I am a Hyatt loyalist. We ended up in Phoenix and stayed at two different Hyatts.

  2. Actually, I had problems with my Cancellation at the Hyatt Centric Key West the week post hurricane. They did refund the points for the stay, but was never able to get the deposit on the credit card refunded. For some unknown reason, I was not assigned a Concierge for over a year. No help nowhere.


      (f) Cancellation: Explorists can cancel reservations up to 24 hours before the hotel or resort check-in time when the hotel’s or resort’s cancellation period is not more than 48 hours. This cancellation benefit does not apply: (i) to reservations at Vacation Ownership Properties or Miraval resorts; (ii) where the rate is pre-paid and/or non-refundable; (iii) when the hotel’s or resort’s cancellation period is more than 48 hours; or (iv) for reservations booked at corporate negotiated or group contract rates. Eligibility for this benefit is based on tier status at the time of cancellation. The cancellation windows are based on the hotel’s time zone. Hotel or resort check-in time and standard cancellation period is disclosed at the time of booking.

  3. Most hotel check in times are 3 pm. Looking at the current Hyatt terms, they now say up to 24 hours before check in. I can’t find anywhere where it says 11:59 pm local time. Did the policy change? Should you update this post?
    I have done less than 24 hours in the past but most of the time I’ve asked Hyatt to change the dates first as I’m scared to test it less than 24 hours. They seem to easily change the dates even on the day of arrival (but I haven’t yet checked in).


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