In January, I presented a seminar at the New York Times Travel show in New York City with Jamie Larounis of The Forward Cabin.

The seminar was called “How to Navigate the Complicated World of Credit Card Points and Frequent Flyer Miles.”

Many that couldn’t attend asked if there would be video of the seminar after and, while it’s not professionally shot, I do have the full seminar recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Below are all of the clips. The first one is the entire one hour seminar.

Below that are more digestible clips, broken out by topic.

If you have any questions after watching any of these videos, please let me know. As well, I’d like to start recording more videos for you all. If that is something you want, the best way to encourage me to do so is to subscribe to my YouTube channel so I will know somebody will actually see what I post 😉

Entire NY Times Travel Show Seminar (Running Time: 1:05)

Prefer to view one segment at a time? Here they are:

Intro to Miles and Points and Why You Should Care: New York Times Travel Show 2020

Credit Card Strategies and Perks: New York Times Travel Show 2020

All About Airline Alliances: New York Times Travel Show 2020

How To Earn Miles Without Flying: New York Times Travel Show 2020

Tools of The Trade in Miles and Points: New York Times Travel Show Seminar 2020


Redeeming Miles and Points: New York Times Travel Show 2020

Using Credit Cards To Earn Miles and Points: New York Times Travel Show 2020

Q & A with Dave Grossman and Jamie Larounis: 2020 New York Times Travel Show

Questions? Ask Me Anything!

Let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private MilesTalk Facebook group. Or comment on the videos on YouTube!

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