Enjoy a stay here and get over 5 cents per point in value.

There has been some confusion expressed to me in the Facebook group (and via DM and email…) about the two latest promos from Hyatt, Bonus Journeys (3,000 points per two nights stayed AFTER the first night stayed during the promo period) and, of course, the fantastic Bilt promotion to earn Globalist in 20 nights

The issue stems from how thorough Hyatt is in their promotional terms and conditions. They are SO thorough, that almost like two similar, both seemingly correct answers on an SAT question, you can see it both ways.

While I was 99% sure of each answer, I reached out to my amazing contact at Hyatt Corporate for a 100% guaranteed correct answer.

Do Points Stays Count for Bonus Journeys?

Answer: Yes.

The confusion was around the wording “Free Night Awards” which some people extrapolated to mean only credit card and 60 night earned certificates for free nights but not free nights on points. 

That was overthinking it 😉 When you spend points at Hyatt for a night, you are booking a Free Night Award with points. 

(For an abundance of clarity, stays booked with certificates also count!) 

Do Free Night Certificates from Credit Card Awards Count Towards the Bilt promotion?

Answer: Yes (again).

The confusion here stems from the quirk in the Hyatt loyalty program wherein stays booked with credit card certificates (as well as the certificates you earn when you stay 60 nights in a calendar year) do not allow for the use of Suite Upgrade Awards (SUAs).

Since the terms of the program are so specific, excluding any elite nights not from hotel stays, there was a drop of concern that these certs would somehow fall outside the definition. Imagine having exactly 20 nights with 1 from an ineligible stay type? Better safe than sorry!

But once again, the answer was direct and clear – these are eligible stays for both promotions. 

Hopefully everyone can relax now and enjoy the promotions 🙂


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  1. Two quick questions re: MGM stays.

    1) do MGM stays booked through MGM count or do they have to be booked through Hyatt?

    2) do comped MGM stays (Vegas) found? If no, is there a minimum spend before it counts?

    I can’t find the answer to these anywhere!

    • It needs to be elite night qualifying. So, 1) Stays booked through MGM do count. And 2) Technically no but with history as a guide, as long as one of your nights has a cost (not comp, but say $19 is OK) then you should get the elite nights. That’s how it works in practice but is not what terms state to expect.


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