wyndham diamond to caesars diamond status match merry go round

Today on the Status Match Merry Go Round™, we have just one move to make.

Feb 1 is the day that Caesars downgrades all Diamonds by way of Wyndham Diamond down to Gold. I wish they could just integrate this process as it’s a pain every year, it’s done manually, and can take many weeks and followups. But that is how it is.

Keep in mind you need a Wyndham Business Earner credit card for this move now. If you got it any other way, you can still try (and report back!) but remember that Caesars officially put a stop to “rematches” unless the Wyndham status is earned (and the credit card counts as earned”).

Wyndham to Caesars

First, your Caesars Diamond was not extended.

So, since you made sure your Wyndham was still Diamond in January, this is no problem – as long as you have a Wyndham Business Earner credit card which confers “earned” Wyndham Diamond status.

Now, head to this page and match back from your Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond. Hit that button on the right as indicated below.

wyndham to caesars match

That’s all there. It says to expect up to two weeks to update. It can be longer. If you have a stay coming up, send a feedback form via Wyndham to speed it up.

wyndham diamond to caesars diamond status match merry go round

As of now, this still works for the Atlantic City portion of the Status Match Merry Go Round™.

As an aside, this used to be when we also rematched MGM and Hyatt. No more… RIP.

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  1. did anyone receive their status yet? i know it says 2 weeks but thought it may be quicker, i reached out to wyndham for an update because i need to book a trip with caesars but cant do it until i have my status

  2. Still waiting on Caesars Diamond as of 2/26…I matched (rec’d confirmation at the end of the process) Feb 1 using the usual merry go ’round I’ve used for years.

  3. I have Wyndham Diamond Status via the Wyndham Business Earner card, but my Caesars match has not been approved after waiting 3 weeks. Today via online Chat with Cheryl K. at Wyndham, she told me
    “Your account is not eligible to Status Match to Caesars as your level with Wyndham Rewards was attained via the Mastercard Status Match program. To be eligible you have to have 40 qualified nights in Wyndham Rewards in the year in order to match.”

    • The rest of us with the card only have mostly all received our upgrades and we’ve always been told the card is “Earned status.” I would not consider a chat rep (always the worst place to ask anything) a source of truth. Send a message via their contact form. Or even send a message via Caesars form confirming your earned status.

  4. Why am I seeing people on the internet now saying you have to stay 40 nights in order to get matched over? Is this a new change. The YouTuber Jacob In Vegas just sat on his most recent video. That’s the only way that you can get the match now is by staying the 40 nights.

    • No idea who Jacob is but the deal is that you need the Wyndham Business Earner card now for Caesars Diamond yearly.

      You can no longer “match back and forth” with these like the good old days. The Business Earner card gives you “earned” Wyndham status with no stays required.


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