There are two recent developments with Hertz that you need to know about. One that was widely publicized in the last couple of weeks (but you may have missed) and one that I have not seen covered.

Hertz Points Now Expire After 12 months of No Activity

This has been covered, but in case you missed it…. Hertz very quietly, without any notice, changed the expiration time on their Rewards Points to after 12 months without rental activity. You must complete a rental (paid or using points) before the 12 months are up.

If you thought you were in the clear with the 18 month policy but just had your points wiped out after they suddenly changed the policy (a great way to reduce both liability on the books and the number of customers that trust you!), many people have had luck reaching out to Hertz on Twitter and asking for a one time courtesy extension. People seem to be getting points expiration extended through Dec 31 (although you never know who you’ll get responding to you and people have been told, essentially, tough luck.

Hertz Will Now Charge You a No-Show Fee on Post-Paid Bookings

I just noticed this while researching a deal that Hertz has on until tomorrow (rent an EV for two days and get one of the days free along with 1,900 Hertz points) and noticed that if you don’t cancel a reservation by the reservation time, you will be charged a no-show fee. It seems to be the base rate (no taxes or fees). Below is what I see on a reservation with a $91.43 base rate.

Reservations must be cancelled prior to pick-up time or will be subject to a $91.43 USD No-Show Fee. A valid credit card must be presented at the time of rental to complete the reservation.

This is very important to know if you are someone that books multiple reservations (at multiple companies) for whatever reason (you know who you are!) since if you are stuck in the air and wifi isn’t working, you’ll be automatically charged.

Work Around

I’m told that if you use a third party to book a post-paid booking, like AutoSlash, this policy does not currently apply. (Of course that could change any time, so check when you checkout). 


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