This month’s RoomiPay deal is planned for later this week (exact date and time TBA). First notifications will go to MilesTalk Facebook Group members again this month and note that I post a unique link each month.
The rates will be as follows (subject to change):
0% for 50 users
2% for the next 150 users,
2.5% for the next 100 users
3% until close on the 22nd
There appears to be a plot twist, though, for this month. 
The plot twist involves how your landlord will get paid. While in previous months RoomiPay sent a physical check to your landlord, I am hearing that this month the only way to pay your landlord will be to provide their ACH info (bank account number and routing number). The payment would still be paid with a credit card, of course, so you will earn the same. But I’m wondering how many of you have access to your landlord’s ACH info.
Is this a game changer for the RoomiPay deal or a non-event? Speak up!
See a past RoomiPay post for more information on how it all works.
Remember as well that RoomiPay deals are a great time to get a new credit card to take advantage of a large payment to meet minimum spend for Sign-Up Bonuses.

Will you try this to earn points or miles for paying your rent? Let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private MilesTalk Facebook group.

New to all of this? My new “introduction to miles and points” book, MilesTalk: Live Your Wildest Travel Dreams Using Miles and Points is available now.




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