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Spain Closed to Tourists?

Local Spanish website Marca reports that Spain is crafting plans to reopen in two stages. While summer will likely see a return to work for what they call “productive sectors,” the phase which would include reopening the borders to tourism, along with cultural and leisure activity for all Spaniards, isn’t likely “until Christmas.”


Good news! If you are in the European Union or Schengen Zone, you can now visit Spain again.

However, if you are from elsewhere, like the US, it may still be 2021….

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spain italy borders closed 2021

Of course a lot can change by then, but recall that Australia has already indicated 2021 would be the earliest they expect to allow Australians out or tourists in.

Italy closed as well – At Least To Non-Europeans

Italy is now open to people entering from EU member countries, Schengen Zone countries, and theUnited Kingdom and Northern Ireland, plus Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican.

If you are from elsewhere, like the United States, it may be into 2021 before you can visit.

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  1. The days that only the super rich could afford flying are making a comeback. The word “jet-set” will re-enter the vocabulary.


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