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Updated March 31, 2024

Since the popular Chase Sapphire Reserve card removed Priority Pass dining this week (where you can go to a participating Priority Pass restaurant like Bobby Van’s Steakhouse at JFK and get ~$28/per person in credit toward your meal) from its card benefits, many people are scratching their head on where to turn for this much beloved benefit.

It used to be attached to all cards with Priority Pass memberships.

In 2019, American Express was the first to try and save some costs by removing the dining benefit from the card (they also removed the “experiences” like the BeRelax spa credits). This was across all Amex cards.

In 2023, Capital One made the same change to the popular Venture X credit card, removing all dining and experiences.

And then this week the Chase Sapphire Reserve card (along with the invite-only JP Morgan Reserve Card and the Ritz Carlton Card (available by upgrading from the Chase Bonvoy Boundless only) announced it would lose the dining benefit – but uniquely retain the other experiences.

Long story short, there aren’t many mainstream cards left offering the benefit, and yet so many of “us” (meaning the more obsessed MilesTalkers) still value this benefit tremendously.

I’m lucky to still have access via my Citi Prestige, which continues to having dining access. It seems that cards issued by Mastercard, like the Prestige, are more likely to still have the benefit, for whatever reason. 

The most accessible mainstream card for someone that can qualify for a business card may be the Venture X Business card. It does have a steep spend requirement for the early spend bonus, but keep in mind that it’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world to get the card for this purpose even if you can’t hit the bonus. Sacrilege? Maybe. Or maybe just practical.

It’s notable that the Venture X Business, which is a World Elite Mastercard, continues to have access while the consumer Venture X, a Visa Infinite like the Chase Sapphire Reserve does not.

The Venture X Business is not including the benefit for new account holders on the Visa network and customer support reps have stated that if / when existing accounts get converted, they will also lose the benefit. This is new information as of May 6, 2024.

Either way, I thought we should take a quick look at all the cards actually available to apply for today that have the benefit. 

  1. Venture X Business card – as mentioned, this is probably the most mainstream and easiest option for many that are already comfortable with Capital One. The early spend bonus is intimidating (Earn 150,000 bonus miles once you spend $30,000 in the first 3 months from account opening), but you’ll ultimately earn the same Capital One Miles as with any other Capital One card that earns Miles.
  2. Mastercard® Black Card™ – I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve never put any thought into this card that, with a $495 annual fee has always seemed to be a fit for someone ineligible for the Centurion (i.e. Amex Black) card. I still largely feel that way, However, it’s worth noting that this card not only still has airport dining as part of it’s Priority Pass, but the standard lounge benefit includes unlimited guests. The dining part has a one guest limit as is standard. The card is $495 but has a $100 airline credit (includes airfare). The rewards are not impressive (the points are 1.5% cash back or 2% if used towards travel – no transfer partners) and I can’t think of a single use case *except* if you want unlimited guests for your Priority Pass lounges and also Priority Pass dining for an effective $395 a year. In a poll we have going in the MilesTalk Facebook group now, there are definitely people extracting $1,000+ a year from this benefit.The Mastercard® Black Card™ is issued by Barclays.
  3. The Bank of America® Premium Rewards® Elite Credit Card (direct link – $550 annual fee) may be compelling with a 75,000 point bonus offer although it has a $550 annual fee. As a Visa Infinite, if I’m right that this is connected to which cards are losing dining, perhaps as contracts renew, that could be a bit of a gamble. Other than that, this seems a winning combination as you get up to 4 Priority Pass memberships with your card and a $300 incidental travel credit (i.e. anything BUT airfare), so used well that would make this a $250 annual fee card with Priority Pass that includes dining.
  4. The US Bank Altitude Connect (direct link – no annual fee) offers 4 visits annually and, for now, continues to have dining access. However, I’ll note it’s a Visa Infinite…. so is the writing on the wall? I have no idea. It has a bonus offer of 50,000 bonus points when you spend $2,000 in the first 120 days, though, and no annual fee.
  5. You can also still apply for the US Bank Altitude Reserve (direct link – $400 annual fee) which comes with 8 visits. Also a Visa Infinite if we are making a calculated bet this is part of the equation of which cards keep it.
  6. UBS Visa Infinite – this card is available for new applicants, but you need an existing UBS relationship (and it’s a Visa Infinite!) so probably not worth getting in bed with UBS just for this card.

So, of all of these (besides the Citi Prestige which you sadly cannot apply for or even product change to), only the Venture X Business card is World Elite Mastercard and therefore MAYBE more likely to hang on to the benefit. So that is my top choice, although I realize not everyone is going to be able to get approved for it.

Can you think of any cards I’m missing? Let me know!

Capital One Venture X Business Card
Capital One Venture X Business Card:Earn 150,000 bonus miles once you spend $30,000 in the first 3 months from account opening Get This Offer


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