For those in the dark, the Bilt Rewards program and Bilt Mastercard allow you to earn transferable points (to solid partners like AA, United, Hyatt, Turkish, and more when paying your rent, all for no fee.

They also have a Status program, probably just because the know how much of an overlap there is with miles and points people (who were early evangelists of the card) and wanting status.

Here are the status tiers and associated benefits:

bilt status

bilt platinum status

All points you earn count towards status, wether it’s from rent, regular spend, or bonus category spend (the Bilt card earns 2X on travel and 3X on dining, 1X on everything else – all doubled on the 1st of each month as a promotion they call Rent Day).

Well, last year I earned Platinum. I wasn’t particularly gunning for it (I got zero benefit out of any of the other tier benefits as I’m not in a “participating property,” but I have high rent and also choose to put a lot of spend on at the 1st of each month (like my son’s daycare). I was very close, so I intentionally put a few thousand extra on the card to cross over and see what that “Personalized gift” was.

You may be wondering the same, since there’s really no indication what it might be.

I don’t know if everyone got the same gift, but it turned out to be this:

bilt platinum gift

In real life, wrapped, it looked like this, along with the card:

bilt platinum gift

bilt platinum gift

At 7,500 points on the Bilt Rewards site, that implies this gift is worth a minimum of $75, though I’d value 7,500 Bilt points at about $131 (1.75 cents each).

It’s a pretty nice gift…. however, I have to admit it’s not for me. 

I personally would have preferred a choice of gifts.

For example, I’d have definitely taken the 7,500 points this is valued at over the gift. That said, my wife is the artsy one in the family and I haven’t shown her yet, so who knows – maybe it will be a hit! But even if the gift has to be something from the Bilt collection, a choice might still be a nice touch as everyone has different tastes.

Anyway, this must be the fluffiest article I’ve written in ages (hey, at least I didn’t do an unboxing!), but I figured that since I’d wondered what the gift would be, others probably did as well.

To learn more about the Bilt Card, you can check it out or apply here

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  1. Thanks for writing this up. I just made Platinum and will be disappointed if I receive the same ugly book. Like you I would have much preferred the 7,500 point or some small fraction of that.


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